No Pretence: Movement or why we aren’t one

In June 2009 a group of anarcha-feminists took the stage at the UK Anarchist Conference to protest about sexist oppression within the movement. They projected a film and read out a statement based on the themes of the conference, which we have printed in sections throughout this zine.

MOVEMENT or why we aren’t one

No matter how much we aspire to be ‘self critical’ there is a clear lack of theorising and concrete action around sexism, homophobia and racism in the anarchist movement. We do not feel that the content and structure of the conference deal with gender and we’re tired of asking for space – we’re taking it ourselves.

You want to talk about history? Let’s stop pretending that feminism is a short blip in the history of political struggles. The feminism you know may be the one that has been dominated by white middle-class liberal politics – NOT the struggles and pockets of revolutionary resistance missing from our political pamphlets and ‘independent’ media. The feminism of Comandanta Yolanda, of bell hooks, of Anzaldua, of Mbuya Nehanda, of Angela Davis, of Rote Zora, of Mujeres Libres…

Angela Davis

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