Programme for July 26th – final


The day will be structured to have two pre-planned teaching sessions which form an introduction to Linux aimed at absolute beginners. There is also some time available to work in small groups on specific tasks, e.g. for people who are already using Linux but need a bit of help with something. The atmosphere will be informal so you can take extra breaks any time you want.


Volunteers arrive and set up space, power and networking


Participants arrive. Welcome, ground rules and introductions to the project


Overview of the day

  • What we will be doing today

  • What is “Mint”?


An introducing to using Mint

  • Demonstration

  • Q&A


Everyone gets a chance to say what they want to achieve by the end of the day.

Facilitator writes on a flip-chart and helps people form small groups to work on these together.


Picnic lunch (bring your own) in the grounds


How to get things done in Mint: a tour of common applications

  • Firefox for web browsing

  • LibreOffice for productivity

  • Gimp for image manipulation

  • How to play music

  • How to watch a DVD

  • The Software Centre (HOW many applications??!)


  • Q&A


Feedback and Planning session

As a group, we’ll have a facilitated discussion to cover:

  • What worked well about today?

  • What could have been done differently?

  • What do we want to do next?

    • More meetings where, how often?

    • Different formats for sessions?

    • Different topics to cover?

  • Sharing out the work to make it all happen

If anyone hasn’t achieved what they wanted to during the day, we can point them to on-line resources or arrange to carry on together at another time.


Finish, possibly go to a pub



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