First Skill-Share Event A Success

DFS3gThanks to Mick and Robbie at Unite Community Branch for writing up this summary of our first big event on the Community Support Centre Blog.

Here’s a photo of some of the participants outside the entrance. Had it not been for the heat, I think there would have been a few more of us.

So… what next?

We made some notes about what participants wanted to do next in this post on our mailing list. The main areas of interest were these:

  1. Do something with graphics, especially designing posters and fliers using free software (Dan and Nick are already working on this)
  2. Do something related to computer privacy for beginners… crypotoparty, anyone?
  3. Do install-fests outside of Durham city, in village halls and community centres; this is an ideal opportunity for people who aren’t technical wizards (yet) to volunteer, as it’s all about finding a venue in your hood and signing people up for a session. Book them and they will come.
  4. Do something with linux-based music-making and audio production (we have at least two linux musicians in the project)
  5. Find a way to get old computers into the hands of people who need them, in a useful state (i.e. linuxified) – Mark is going to have a chat to Freegle and see if we can work together somehow over that
  6. Something to do with getting google’s grasping claws and sticky fingers out of your smartphone

And so, dear reader, if any of these take your fancy, it would be a good idea to express an interest and find some other people who would like to make it happen with you. The obvious place to do this is using our mailing list, but be inventive. The important thing is to realise that it’s nobody’s job to make this stuff happen, so if we want it, we’re going to have to make it.

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