DIY or Die 9

After an exciting month of live music since our last show we bring some new music to share with you, plus an interview with Jesus and his Judgemental Father. Listen again to the show here. (Click on the link to stream, or right click and choose ‘save link as/save target as’ to save it to your computer and listen to later.)

Achtung Everybody – ‘Broken Stars and Biomass’ from the Cohesive Communities EP

The Ovens – ‘Revolution is not a Restaurant’ from the album The Ovens which you can find here.

Brothers – ‘Vom’ which you can download here.

These Ghosts – ‘Footsteps on a Frozen Lake’ which you can download here.

Interview with Jesus and His Judgemental Father who are involved with the Mothership Collective.

Ramshackle Glory – ‘Vampires are Poseurs’ from the album Live the Dream you can download the album from here, all the money is going towards getting a van so they can go on tour. Ramshcakle Glory are also part of the Savage Wasteland collective, you should completely check them out.

Kon-Tiki Expedition – ‘Keep Your Head’, listen ot more here. Keep your eye out for this stunning Bradofrd duo, they are a hypnotising live experience!

RVIVR – ‘Paper Thin’ from the Belebend EP which is only out on vinyl, but you can download the Dirty Water EP from here.

Cool or Conservative, your favourite feature! We expose a politically dubious person who we probably once thought was cool. How disappointing.

50ft Wave – Clara Bow

Runners – Starting Line [hookworm remix] which you can download from here.

Check out this amazing band from London. Throwing Up are a total hit with us, we think you’ll like it.

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