more DIY, all the time

There is so much amazing DIY stuff going on in the world,
if you want something doing, do it yourself!

Here we’ve listed a few links that we hope will help you discover other people who are into the DIY ethic.

UK Social Centres
A portal to all the social centres in the UK, places you can join in non-hierarchical organising in an autonomous space. Rad!

Mostly info on places in the USA, but also info on places and people doing DIY stuff in many other countries including the UK.

Zine Library
Zines are DIY magazines made for love not money. Read a load of them for free!

Maximum Rocknroll
International DIY punk fanzine zine 1977. They have a radio show and record label too!

Indymedia Global
News from around the world written by non-hierarchical media collectives. The site doesn’t look that pretty, but this is one of the ebst ways to find out what’s really happening around the world.

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