DIY or Die – Jan 2013

In the February edition of DIY or Die, we got excited about our upcoming event at the 1 in 12 Club on January 26th, and play some awesome songs courtesy of Elly Kingdon and Discount Horse Records.

This is our fave new song for bedroom dancing – Colour Me Wednesday – Purge Your Inner Tory


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The Latest From DIY or Die!

So it’s been a while since you’ve heard from the DIY or Die crew, but fear not! We have our latest show available for your ears – the july edition.

Featuring such musical delights as T-Shirt Weather, hottub, Spirit of John, Hysterical Injury, some old school Bikini Kill in support of Pussy Riot and a sneaky peak of the DIY or Die club night – starting on September 21st at the 1 in 12 Club, Bradford! Expect to hear plenty of this –


and to see the amazing Martha and Town Bike playing live!

We’ll be updating this blog with the more details in the next couple of weeks, so start getting excited.

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DIY or Die 10 – listen again

You can listen again to DIY or Die episode ten here (you can either click to stream it, or right click to download it and put it on your mp3 player or whatever). We chatted to Lianne Hall and Rae Spoon when they played at the 1in12 Club.

Black Sparrow Press – All The Night Does

Cover Girl – Paris Burns

Wild Flag – Electric Band

Lianne Hall – Spirits

Rae Spoon – You Can Dance

Satellites of Love – Parasite

Polinski – Tangents (from the album ‘Labyrinths’)

It’s Not OK – The Captain (EP coming next year)

Le Bucherettes – Kiss and Kill

Check out the Cover Girl video for ‘Paris Burns’  by clicking here and await their tour with baited breath.

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Manufacturing Hearts

Bettie of Anatomical Heart zine has a new blog. Check it out, it features zines, a Wild Flag video and Shrinkles – what’s not to like?!

She’s also starting a new zine distro, fitted into a backpack, this is pretty much the best idea ever. Transporting zines around can be a bit of a pain in the bum, as recently discovered when taking loads of stuff down to the Anarchist Bookfair in London, backpack-shaped zine distros are the future!

backpack zine distro flier

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DIY or Die 9

After an exciting month of live music since our last show we bring some new music to share with you, plus an interview with Jesus and his Judgemental Father. Listen again to the show here. (Click on the link to stream, or right click and choose ‘save link as/save target as’ to save it to your computer and listen to later.)

Achtung Everybody – ‘Broken Stars and Biomass’ from the Cohesive Communities EP

The Ovens – ‘Revolution is not a Restaurant’ from the album The Ovens which you can find here.

Brothers – ‘Vom’ which you can download here.

These Ghosts – ‘Footsteps on a Frozen Lake’ which you can download here.

Interview with Jesus and His Judgemental Father who are involved with the Mothership Collective.

Ramshackle Glory – ‘Vampires are Poseurs’ from the album Live the Dream you can download the album from here, all the money is going towards getting a van so they can go on tour. Ramshcakle Glory are also part of the Savage Wasteland collective, you should completely check them out.

Kon-Tiki Expedition – ‘Keep Your Head’, listen ot more here. Keep your eye out for this stunning Bradofrd duo, they are a hypnotising live experience!

RVIVR – ‘Paper Thin’ from the Belebend EP which is only out on vinyl, but you can download the Dirty Water EP from here.

Cool or Conservative, your favourite feature! We expose a politically dubious person who we probably once thought was cool. How disappointing.

50ft Wave – Clara Bow

Runners – Starting Line [hookworm remix] which you can download from here.

Check out this amazing band from London. Throwing Up are a total hit with us, we think you’ll like it.

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LaDIYfest Sheffield 2011

We’re really excited to hear that there is a ladyfest planned for Sheffield this year, and it’s heavy on the DIY ethos too.

There will be two days of workshops on the 12th and 13th of November 2011, plus music and more fun in the evening.

The event will be an inclusive, DIY, anti-capitalist, community-based feminist festival.

“We want to create a celebration of women with an emphasis on the artistic, the creative and the political. We oppose the part that capitalism plays in the oppression of women. We want to raise awareness of women’s issues and engage local women with local women’s organisations to create a more equal society for everyone. We will do this by providing a platform to highlight feminist and LGBTQ art, projects and activism through music; performance art; spoken word; films; discussion; art exhibitions and practical workshops, promoting social change in a non-discriminatory environment.

LaDIYfest Sheffield is organised by a collective of volunteers and led primarily by women but anyone who shares our goals is welcome to get involved. Proceeds will go to Sheffield Rape and Sexual Abuse Counselling Service.

All genders and ages are very welcome.”

Find out more about LaDIYfest on the blog;
Or read an interview with LaDIYfest on the Free Sheffield site.

If you can’t wait until November, head down to the Sheffield Free School on October 15th where the LaDIYfest gang will be showing a film and holding a stall all day.

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Means To An End 7!

LIBERTY, EQUALITY, SOLIDARITY. Easy words to say. Harder words to implement. Inspired by a desire to live in a better world. Working for freedom. Desiring peace. A MEANS…TO AN END… This Festival is about more than music. It is meant act as a vehicle for planting seeds about how we, as individuals, act and live our lives, the choices we make; about how we can change our lives. To respect each other and the environment we live in and share. To grow food in a sustainable way. To not eat animals. To not succumb to mindless misery and self-destruction. Punk can be a revolution and positive force for action both on an individual level and working with others. You can’t change the world without changing yourself!! So get active!!! Support DIY. DOWN WITH JADED COMPLACENCY!”

Can you believe it, Means To An End festival has been going for 7 years. If you’ve mananged to miss all the fun so far, it’s a full weekend of punk with meaning, it’s good stuff. We love their DIY ethic and can’t wait to be there this year.

The festival will be happening at the 1in12 Club, Bradford from 14th – 16th October 2011.

If you’re not a member of the 1in12 Club, now’s the time to join. If you agree with the 1in12’s principles of Liberty, Equality and Solidarity, then you’ll have a blast while you’re there.

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Saturday 8th October 2011 | 1in12 Club, Bradford | 8pm | £3 members/£4 guests

DIY or Die and The Mothership Collective Presents –

[[delicious hooks and sweet, sweet pop punk harmonies formed in the heart of the Leeds underground queer-scene []

[[‘hot and heavy upstarts’ from Norwich, playing their first Bradford date. bound to be amazing.. [


[[beautifully soulful acoustic singer-songwriter playing folksy-depressing-hearty guitar.]]

You should completely be there.

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DIY or Die 8

It’s our eighth episode and we ventured out of West Yorkshire to talk to Fashanu, have been plotting and planning some great gigs in Bradford and are hotly anticiapting the weekend of Means To An End festival at the 1in12 Club!

You can listen again to the show by clicking here. This will stream the show, if you want to download it to keep forever then you can right click and choose ‘save target as’ or ‘save link as’, then it will download to your computer as an mp3 file. Shows are available on listen again for four weeks after we broadcast, so download it now!

Here’s the playlist…

Lianne Hall – Telephone in a Foreign Country
Rae Spoon – There is a Light, watch the video here.
Lianne and Rae will be playing at the 1in12 Club, Bradford on Friday 21st October.

Fashanu – Yoko Ono vs. Bob Hoskins…Go! from the ‘Science is Awesome’ EP which you can listen to along wtih their new EP ‘Cassette Tapette’ here.
Interview with Fashanu
ONSIND – Heterosexuality is a Construct from the Dissatisfactions album which you cn download for free here.
Pudge – Here Comes The Science Bit from Chippy Tea, listen to it again and again here.
Shitty Limits – Wonderflow
Shitty limits will be playing Means To An End festival on October 16th at the 1in12 Club.
SneakPeek – Walk All Over Me
Mega Games – Matilda and Me from the split tape with Torn Out.

Recommended video viewing is from Girl Crisis

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Sheffield Zine Fair

There will be a great Zine Fair in Sheffield this weekend on Sunday 25th September at Brezza (10-14 Wellington Street, Sheffield, S1 4HD)
It kicks off at 11am and goes on until 6pm! amazing!

Plus we heard a rumour that the fab Mrs Sew and Sew will be there, she has a little zine about a Yeti and we love it.

Volunteers/help with the fair very welcome, please email for info.

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