Means To An End 7!

LIBERTY, EQUALITY, SOLIDARITY. Easy words to say. Harder words to implement. Inspired by a desire to live in a better world. Working for freedom. Desiring peace. A MEANS…TO AN END… This Festival is about more than music. It is meant act as a vehicle for planting seeds about how we, as individuals, act and live our lives, the choices we make; about how we can change our lives. To respect each other and the environment we live in and share. To grow food in a sustainable way. To not eat animals. To not succumb to mindless misery and self-destruction. Punk can be a revolution and positive force for action both on an individual level and working with others. You can’t change the world without changing yourself!! So get active!!! Support DIY. DOWN WITH JADED COMPLACENCY!”

Can you believe it, Means To An End festival has been going for 7 years. If you’ve mananged to miss all the fun so far, it’s a full weekend of punk with meaning, it’s good stuff. We love their DIY ethic and can’t wait to be there this year.

The festival will be happening at the 1in12 Club, Bradford from 14th – 16th October 2011.

If you’re not a member of the 1in12 Club, now’s the time to join. If you agree with the 1in12’s principles of Liberty, Equality and Solidarity, then you’ll have a blast while you’re there.

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