THF: TransHackFeminist in Calafou

TransHackFeminist 2014 (event which continue Eclectic Tech Carnival) happened from 4th August to 11th August in Calafou, an eco-industrial project where  several friends of mine live :).

I arrived 7th in the afternoon and I was enjoying activities. The day after, I was participating with Las Chicas de Chernobil jam (Paula Pin, Drag Dark, Del-F4610, Floren).I was playing with a PD patch customized  from dronefm by M.Brinkmann.



In Saturday afternoon, I was collaborating with GynePunk node proposed by Klau Kinki with these contents:

-An practical experience about making your homemade pH paper strips with red cabbage leaves.pH paper strips are always cheap but sometimes you don’t have them when you need and this is a good alternative!!!!


This is the final colour before tests.


Here you can see pH colour table (in this picture I was testing spirulina pH with conventionals pH paper strips).

VPH (Papilome)Guide: it’s important don’t believe in some false myths. I speaks from my personal experience + own investigation.

Later, I was interviewed by Donestech (Alex & Eva) for LelaCoders documentary about women and ex-women in tech.

Great performances and lives in a heavy fest was THF conclussion.

Thanks @cahlomoro for your pictures!



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