Upcoming Actions

August 2020: Extinction Rebellion (XR) is currently running a campaign for a debate on the proposed Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill (https://www.resilience.org/stories/2020-08-21/why-the-climate-and-ecological-emergency-bill-could-lead-to-a-revolution-of-the-imagination/) to be put before Parliament on 1st September. You could support this important initiative in two ways: 1) Write to your MP (easiest via www.writetothem.com, and/or 2) join an XR rally (with mask, keeping social distance etc) in London, Cardiff or Manchester on Tuesday 1st September 2020 (www.extinctionrebellion.uk).  

2020. Grandparents for a Safe Earth is not currently operating as a campaigning group, but we do sometimes disseminate information. 

Are you one of the 5 million people in the UK who already have or will have a Council pension? If so, you’re contributing to a £260 billion pot that places some of its investments in extracting fossil fuels. What to do? 1) Contact your Local Authority Pension scheme and ask them to divest. The investments of the 89 Council pensions schemes in the UK are administered by 8 Pensions Partnerships or Pools. These pools have access to low-carbon or no-carbon funds. Demand of your Council that they invest your money in these, and divest from fossil-fuels. 2) Attend a meeting of your Pensions committee as an observer or with a question. It’s never been a better time. At this time of COVID you get a chance to be seen on Zoom, and remind them that climate change is still here – your Council probably declared a climate emergency last year. Pensions mean power, see this short clip https://youtu.be/GmumgriuGfU, produced by ShareAction (visit www.shareaction.org to find out more about their work)                               Let us know how you’re getting on via our contact page.

22.03.20 No public actions or protests at the moment because of the Coronavirus outbreak, but how about spending some time on the lessons from the outbreak with climate change/collapse? Will we have learnt about the risks of globalization, rapid economic growth and species depletion, or will we instead go back to rapid economic expansion to make up for lost time, and forget about climate change. Follow this link if you’re interested in examining this issue: https://ecohustler.com/nature/5-ways-coronavirus-could-help-humanity-survive-the-ecological-crisis/