It seemed like a fancy party with fancy dresses from ancient times, or perhaps it was a normal party in ancient times.

My friends had all dressed up but I had not bothered, I wanted to be in my normal modern clothes without giving too much of a second thought to my hair or jewels. They seemed to have some kind of obsession with jewels.

Obsessions were so high I ended up dressing up as well, maybe just to fit in. then the hair, oh that hair.

One of the group started to feel bad, then got worse and she felt pretty, pretty bad. She kind of wanted to vomit but she wouldn’t , so her mouth was open forcibly, to show four pearls kind of attached to her tongue.

I felt sick and duly vomited. My vomit was made up of pearls. It seemed that, just like her, I had tried to stuff my stomach with pearls. I was shocked because I did not remember eating any pearls, but my mouth could not utter a word because it was busy vomiting.

Then I wondered, if I have been so obsessed with pearls, why did I not put any in my earrings, what’s more, I was sure I had not bothered to put any earrings, just like any day, well I didn’t even have any holes in my ears, I had always been against them, so I thought it would be ironic that I would have been so obsessed with jewels as to stuff my mouth with them when I would not even wear any.

Utterly contradictory as I thought my actions would be, in the one hand eating pearls and in the other not putting a single pearl in my ears, I lifted my hair, which was covering my ears, to check on them, and discovering them, to my horror, completely covered in jewellery. Stones of all colours, of all sizes but mostly horridly big, covering my ears completely.

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