The Ship

It was going to be a group holiday, starting on a ship. The harbour was enormous, with vessels going in and out in busy traffic. There were two exits to the sea, in the distance. It took me a few moments to realise that they were too narrow to allow for more than one ship at any one time, and it would need to be a narrow ship too. So it was a kind of one way system, and all the ships were long and narrow, and so was ours.

The layout was like one of those double decker buses for tourists. We all sat upstairs, ready for the views. I was excited as our ship approached the exit to sea. The passage was narrow though, and I could see that we actually touched some of the constructions on port next to the deck.

Then we were out of the port, and then into some canal system, with trees and wilderness surrounding the canal.

The waters were calm and we arrived to a kind of cul de sac. Actually the ship had turned before arriving there, and we were navigating backwards, so when we arrived to the rocks that marked the end of the branch of canal we had gone into, it was the stern of the ship that was facing the rocks. We were invited to get off to explore those rocks. There was water in between them but it was easy enough to jump from one to the next.

And then, as we were about fifty feed from the ship, it began to move. It was just three of us on the rocks and we ran for the ship, but the ship had moved and we needed to get our feet wet to reach it. I did not want to do that. The other two reached the ship, and the rest of the party thought it was a joke to make us get wet. But I wouldn’t have it. The ship would come back to get me dry. And if not, I would find my way some how.

There were people in the woods next to the canal, a group of four women. I made friends with them and they tried to help me figure out how to get back to my world. I hugged one of them with passion and we kissed, and that was it.

After a few hours the ship returned, all still laughing at the joke and a bit annoyed that I had made them come back to get me or face the consequences. I decided they had to face the consequences anyway, so I began to call those responsible, one by one, starting with the blondes, calling them ‘blondie’ in turns because I had not been given their names.

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