US Anarchists imprisoned for not snitching!

Maddy Pfeiffer keeps schtum!

So far four people who self-identify as anarchists have been summoned before a grand jury in the states. The grand jury is a type of court (only found in the US I think) that examines evidence and collects information to see if a criminal indictment is needed. The grand jury can chuck the public out when anything gets a bit too hush-hush and apparently you don’t always get the company of your lawyer either!

These four were being asked to give information on their and other peoples beliefs and actions. They were not under arrest, but as they have had their rights to silence removed, their non-co-operation is leading to them being imprisoned.

They are apparently being subpoenaed in connection with ‘assaults’ on courts houses in Seattle, May Day 2012  but more recently its been revealed that this particular Grand Jury was formed 2 months before May with the intention of investigating North-West Pacific anarchists. This, as well as other bits and bobs, is leading to many folks coming to the unsurprising conclusion that they are being harassed, scared and ultimately punished with incarceration for their political beliefs and refusal to co-operate with the state.

At the moment two are jailed, a third has been released due to health problems (whilst they were able to maintain their silence they been so traumatised that they haven’t felt able to make a personal statement yet), whilst another is going to be jailed on the 26th of December. They could all potentially be jailed for up to 18 months.

Those inside have spoken about how much letters and cards are helping them, and friends, family and comrades are asking that this continues and gets larger.

For information and updates, including addresses for those imprisoned see

Kteeo and Matt are both in prison


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