Free the Turin 6 !

For the past few years in Turin, this time of year has been marked by a surge of state intimidation against those engaged in social struggles, as well as the repression of their spaces and social centres. This year has been no different. The most recent initiatives have been linked to the aggressive gentrification of neighborhoods in Turin as a means of mass social cleansing and the eradication of the threat which anarchists pose to this sickening project.

At 6:30 am on May the 3rd , heavily armed officers from the General Investigations and Special Operations Division of Italy (Digos) raided the Asilo Occupato , the Giulio Cesare and Dora occupations and two homes in Turin and Barge. Occupants of the anarchist-run space, located on Via Allesandria, in the neighbourhood of Aurora, resisted for several hours on the roof of the property before the raid. Carabinieri (Italian militarised police) also participated in the repressive operation.

This resulted in the kidnapping of 6 comrades by the police and another individual still being searched for. Their violence wasn’t only limited to arresting people, the cops destroyed equipment, caused extensive damage to the buildings and disconnected the gas to the Asilo occupation. They also seized people’s mobile phones, laptops, spray cans, clothing and stole money from a solidarity fund.

According to the local media, the 6 arrests were for an incident that is alleged to have taken place in the night of the 25th and 26th of February. During a benefit dinner at the Asilo, police were intimidating and conducting ID checks on people in the neighborhood. This lead to a confrontation between squatters and Carabinieri. The 6 comrades were arrested on alleged charges of assaulting police officers, damaging a police car and kidnapping a police officer.

The raids were also part of an investigation into an attack against Lavazza’s headquarters which caused extensive damage to the multinational office.

Antonio di Lecce, Antonio Sardo, Camille, Fabiola, Fran and Jade were brought to the Valletta prison to be caged up until their trial. The Italian legal system is notoriously slow and they could be imprisoned for months before even setting foot in a court room.

Solidarity actions are already being organised all over Italy to support the Turin 6. On Saturday 6th of May there was a noise demo outside of the female block of the Valletta prison. On the Sunday 7th of May, over a hundred people protested outside of the male block. These two protests are just the beginning of what will be a series of weekly solidarity actions.

Strength to Antonio di Lecce, Pisello, Camille, Fabiola, Fran and Jade !

Until all cages are empty !

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