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Here’s a review of The Anarchist Revelation from Swedish anarchist blog Stigarna:

Paul Cudenec is the author of a book that I think the anarchist movement really needs.  

The Anarchist Revelation paints a picture of an anarchism that is profoundly spiritual and existential and critical of modernity, progress, technology and even civilization.

The book is firmly grounded in the anarchist tradition, while at the same time making use of inspiration from other sources and traditions.

While the text might be a bit too philosophical for some potential readers, its an important complement or alternative to ”mainstream” atheist-materialist and leftist anarchism and trends like post anarchism or nihilist anarchy.

And maybe its most important feature is pointing to things that persons that want to stay anarchist after their twenties need to face. In my view, everyone seriously interested in the anarchist tradition should read Paul Cudenec´s book.

About Paul Cudenec 185 Articles
Paul Cudenec is the author of 'The Anarchist Revelation'; 'Antibodies, Anarchangels & Other Essays'; 'The Stifled Soul of Humankind'; 'Forms of Freedom'; 'The Fakir of Florence'; 'Nature, Essence & Anarchy'; 'The Green One', 'No Such Place as Asha' , 'Enemies of the Modern World' and 'The Withway'. His work has been described as "mind-expanding and well-written" by Permaculture magazine.

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