We are a group of working class anti-fascists dedicated to physically and politically tackling all forms of fascism. This means the Nazism of groups like Blood and Honour, National Action (in its current guise) and the National Front, the clerical fascism of people likeĀ Hizb-ut-Tahrir andĀ Al-Muhajiroun or groups like the Jewish Defence League. Then there are populist/ultra-right groups like Britain First; English Defence League, United Kingdom Independence Party and the Monday Club.

We formed as a response to an increasing far-right street presence and general confidence and also to the growth of far-right ideas in the wider community and the failure of liberal anti-fascism to counter this. In opposition to the latter we also aim to act as an alternative voice both within and outside of anti-fascism.

The liberal left in general and liberal anti-fascism in particular have failed the working class and have instead inadvertently acted as recruiting tools for the far-right. At Red Antifa we intend on reversing this.

Brief aims and principles:

  • Promote class struggle opposition to fascism by emphasising and encouraging the social and working class underpinnings of anti-fascism, in opposition to liberalism and the right.
  • Practical and applied support to liberation struggles from an anti-fascist perspective.
  • Physical and ideological opposition to fascism and the populist/ultra-right.
  • Internationalism – The recognition that the struggle against fascism and the populist/ultra-right spans globally.
  • Promote the idea of filling the vacuum as the most significant part of any effective anti-fascist strategy. It is ultimately in our communities and workplaces that the back of fascism and the populist/ultra-right will be broken.
  • Open, maintain and defend the space necessary for the above to happen.
  • Support for members of the general public who take action against cases of racism, xenophobia and other reactionary behaviour in everyday life. This could be on the Tube in London, on the bus, in the street, on a night out; at work or wherever else it may occur.
  • A clean break from the Left – Move beyond the redundant concept of the “Left” and aid in building a working class, combative socialism and class struggle anti-fascism.

This site is primarily for the distribution of articles and news. We will occasionally publish news of our actions here (if the security conditions permit) and promote events of interest. This site also acts as a point of contact with Red Antifa.