Rave Aid Crew-Harm Reduction

‘Hi everyone.

We are Rave Aid Crew. Covid-19 has caused all of our venues and nightclubs to close. As a result, there has been resurgence in illegal events, free parties and raves across the UK.

We do not condone or condemn illegal events or drug use. However, we are realistic: both these things will inevitably happen, and it is important that there is a harm reduction response when they do. There is a large team of experienced welfare volunteers ready to dedicate their time and energy to keeping ravers safe.

Currently, there is no harm reduction response to illegal raves in the UK. The level of drug use is typically above and beyond what you would find at a mainstream festival, and our response must be tailored with this in mind. Partnering with Chill-Villainz, a new grassroots free party-focussed welfare service, we aim to change this.’

Some of our messaging is quite different than what other harm reduction organisations normally say. This is on purpose: messaging suitable for someone who is taking their first pill at a festival has to be very different to messaging suitable for people who typically take 4+ different drugs over the course of a 48-hour bender. In order to keep people engaged our advice must be realistic to their patterns of drug use, and not appear condescending.’

from: https://www.talkingdrugs.org/fundraiser-drugs-info-rave-aid-crew

check out the PDF: https://pdfhost.io/v/FjkVBxOs8_Rave_Aid_Crew_drugs_info_finalpdf.pdf

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