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Here at The Westcountry Mutineer, it’s not all about cider and muck-flinging. There are a few important principles that guide the paper – we see society as being divided into two basic classes, workers and bosses. We believe that the luxury and wealth of the bosses is only gained through the exploitation of the workers, but workers should be entitled to the full value of what they produce. It is unfair that we work hard to produce all the goods and services in society, while a tiny minority cream off all the profit. Politicians of whatever party only serve to protect the interests of their mates in big business. We believe that ordinary people should, and have the ability to, abolish oppressive institutions such as government and capitalism and run society on its own, without the interference of bosses, politicians or any other self-appointed ‘leaders’. We struggle for a world in which communities are run by the residents, and workplaces run by the workers – a world without exploitation or class systems, in which resources are produced and shared equally and responsibly, not hoarded by a greedy few. Sound good to you?

Then baby, you’re an anarchist!


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