EXCEPT WE’RE NOT here at the Mutineer, seeing as we knew about DiCanio’s dream career of managing English football teams since he was appointed as manager of Swindon Town. We even did a little report on how happy we were when the fash fucker left his position there earlier this year. There were other media sources that reported this but obviously it was not seen by many as the most important of news.

Of course that all changed when DiCanio was appointed manager at AFC Sunderland; it seems that everybody now is asking questions as to why this is happening, and the B.B.C., along with other media outlets and left wing groups, are starting to complain about this turn of events. Personally this writer is more pissed off with the left-wing and the media, than with the recent signing in of a self-proclaimed fash.

DiCanio pictured along with some other boneheads
DiCanio pictured along with some other boneheads

It’s no surprise that the press only started to chase after DiCanio’s far-right activities once he was signed at Sunderland – which also happened to be chaired by Ed Milliband’s loser brother David. That’s what mainstream news does, and while it does piss me off we shouldn’t be surprised, because this does happen all the time. At least Paul Merton made note of this on the newest episode of Have I Got News For You “It’s a bit like invading Czechoslovakia, you got to invade Poland before people take notice”.

However, the people who have really pissed me off are the left-wing reformist idiots who run Hope Not Hate. Looking through all their articles on DiCanio, the first article they wrote on the bastard was dated April 1st 2013. Wait a fucking minute, 2013? DiCanio has been involved in English football since the 90’s – he was managing Swindon Town from May 2011, and you didn’t mention anything then? What the fuck? I would’ve have thought that a group that concerns itself with the monitoring of fascism in the UK would have considered his appointment at Swindon to be of some significant importance. The local G.M.B. union certainly took action when they pulled out from financially backing the team due to the controversial decision, but obviously it was only important for H.N.H to take action when fascists get appointed to the managerial positions of fancy premier league clubs. This is what irritates me the most about H.N.H., S.W.P., S.P., and the broad left in general: they take action on issues which have become mainstream media material. If it is not that widely reported by the B.B.C. and other media mogul elites then they tend to not bother themselves with it at all.

My respect to the individuals and groups who did highlight and take action when DiCanio was appointed manager at Swindon Town; as for the rest of you just remember that fascists must be opposed everywhere. Just because Swindon Town is not a high-profile club doesn’t mean you can relax and let the fuckers carry on...

…Not Swindon – the fascists.

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