Fox hunts have carried on as normal since the 2004 Hunting Act was introduced, the only difference now is that they claim to be “trail hunting”. Trail hunting was invented after the Hunting Act was introduced as a convenient cover story to allow fox hunts to carry on hunting and killing foxes. Huntsmen continue to take their hounds into areas that they know foxes live. We would describe this as a deliberate act as the consequences of putting a pack of hounds who have been bred and trained to chase and kill foxes are inevitable.  When the inevitable does happen and a fox is chased, hunts can claim due to the current law that it was an accident. We know it is not an accident and the sheer number of so called “accidents” should also show that these are deliberate acts.

The Hunting Act needs to be strengthened.

There needs to be a recklessness clause to take away the false alibi of trail hunting to stop hunts claiming they accidentally hunt foxes

ALL of the current exemptions need to be scrapped

The sentencing needs to be tougher.

The sporting dog exemption from the road Traffic Act needs to be scrapped to stop hunts from endangering motorists when their hounds run across busy roads after a fox

This is the minimum that needs to happen. There needs to be a total ban on hunting and allowing a pack of dogs to rampage through the countryside, through peoples back gardens and across busy main roads

Contact your MP  and tell them why the Hunting Act needs strengthening