What is cub hunting?

Cub hunting is when fox cubs are hunted to train young hounds to hunt. In the Midlands cub hunting usually begins towards the end of August and lasts up until the 1st November when the main hunting season begins. During this 2 month period upto 10,000 foxes can be killed.

Fox hunters usually wear ratcatcher (tweed) rather than traditional red coats. Cub hunting usually takes place very early in the morning or late in the evening due to the scenting conditions being better as it is usually still too warm during the day.

Unlike traditional hunting cub hunting is very static. The hunt members will surround a small wood or crop field where they know a family of foxes live. Once surrounded they hit their boots or saddles with their riding crops to scare any foxes trying to escape back into the wood. The hunts terrier-men will also block any badger setts and fox earths to prevent them running to ground.

During this period hunts will be out hunting more regularly than during the main hunting season 3-4 days a week. Some of the bigger hunts can be out 6 days a week.


You can report any information you have about cub hunting and any of our local hunts to us confidentially https://network23.org/westmidshuntsabs/report-wildlife-cruelty/



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