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  1. Richard says:

    I am just reading news headlines about David Camerons attempts to prep. the public for whatever bullshit the government is about to inflict on us in the coming months. I understand we have a deficit. I understand that it needs to go, but it sounds like they are planning to really screw us over now. I don’t feel like taking any of the burden. The government told the banks to do what they liked, so they did and then they got into trouble with some gamble not working out. We threw cash at them to save their worthless asses, creating a massive deficit. They go back to business, raking it in, and now we are going to have to slog on for the rest of our days in order to keep this whole pointless system going. I am totally sick of it now. I am a wage-slave and feel like I have been out in the cotton fields and the master has just come up to me and said “eh..I..uhm..lost at cards last night. Lost everything. You are going to have to work a bit faster now ok? good. And I can only feed you cotton from now on ok? good Remember..if you don’t go faster..I will have to give you a bit of a thrashing!”
    Sick of it. I want to hear others who are sick of it too.

  2. free thinker says:

    can anyone inform me why there is little unity in the anti fascist ranks? The fascists and their agenda have far more organization in their ranks. We seem dysfunctional in that aspect.

    • The anarcho-syndicalists will try to persuade you they have an answer for that.

    • free thinker says:

      nah they wont mate, ignorance has no response. Thats what im seeing now. (fucks off back to antifa where i will be welcomed far better)

  3. roy waring says:

    howcan i resist coercion by the job cebtre

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