A (Suspect) Heraldic Device

From time to time, some of us in Anarres have too much time on our hands, and like to indulge in the odd random doodle (fair warning, you know, in case you feel like moving in, and joining the geekgasm). As evidence to this claim, here is a mock-up of an Anarres coat of arms (which we almost certainly won’t ever use!).

Anarres coat of arms

To blazon this thing properly (that is, to use fancy heraldry-speak to describe it), you might say the following:

Arms: Per bend sinister gules and sable, a crescent reversed and hound sejant rampant silhouette to sinister argent, langed gules.
Supporters: A single constellation of the field.
Motto: Et ad lunam, retro.

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