The Only Good Landlord?

We had the pleasure of an interview with the Bristol Cable back in June, and that article has recently gone up online here (on 27th August, for their 20th edition).

For those of you that don’t know, the ‘Cable is a home-grown Bristolian community-owned co-op putting out a quarterly free magazine, and aims for “accurate and impactful journalism that engages our communities and holds power to account”. We support a lot of what the ‘Cable’s about, and include them in our Links page.

The article itself delves into the extortionate rents, lack of stability, and lack of control endemic to the ever-expanding private rental sector, and Bristol’s skyscraping property prices. It also explores the pros and cons of forming a housing co-op. They spoke to two of our fellow established Bristol co-ops, venerable Somewhere and youthful Hammerhead, as well as others, and our own contribution tops it off with a sob story!

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