Jamie Hunter: All In The Nazi Family

While investigating the leaked membership list of Patriotic Alternative, we came across a 27 year old individual called Jamie Hunter of Larkhall, Scotland. What made Jamie stand out for us was just how openly neo-nazi he is. Most PA members hide in murky channels behind pseudonyms and proxies, terrified of ‘ANTEEFA’. Perhaps even more frightening than us is attracting the wrath of Der Fuhrer Collett. He is very paranoid about PA’s fragile ‘Optics’. Hunter really isn’t the kind of image PA is trying to culture. If a nationalist group such as PA has designs to become a legitimate political party, it’s probably best to hide the nazi shit.

Jamie is not a lone wolf within his family though. Oh no, he comes from a multi-generational far right family. His father is a member of Blood & Honour, a shadowy neo-nazi syndicate of chapters which is banned in several European countries and designated a terror organisation by Canadian authorities. Blood and honour has been linked to multiple murders and bombings over the decades.

His father James Hunter co-owns a roofing company called McCormick and Hunter LTD and his nazi sons Jamie and Craig both work for him. For a time James was also running Invictus Community & MMA Sports Club in Larkhall, allegedly in order to groom young men into far right politics. This is a common tactic by neo-nazis to manipulate damaged young men into fascist politics through the guise of ‘self-improvement’. Jamie’s mother and other family members also have B&H members on their facebook friends lists.

Jamie’s wife Lyndsay is a lot more cautious about being openly far right for good reason; she works as a nurse for NHS Lanarkshire. Despite her attempts at secrecy on her own profiles, she has been attending neo-nazi events as early as 2015. In the picture above, the couple are at a national socialist festival called ‘Return to Camelot’ on the outskirts of Venice, Italy. The festival is named after a Screwdriver song of the same name. Need we say more on that. The other picture, euuurgh….what kind of mother would dress her kids in a neo-nazi brand? We will be sharing all this information with her employers. The NHS was built on socialist principals and is for everyone, no matter your skin colour. There is no place for nazis in it.

Jamie Hunter on a Patriotic Alternative hike in Scotland in 2020.

Tracking Jamie Hunter’s social media, we can see that he has travelled across Europe to meet other neo nazis. He attended a Casa Pound gig and march in 2015 and again in 2018. He did a nazi historical tour of Lithuania, Germany and Poland in 2016 and attended the nationalist march for Independence Day in Warsaw in 2018. He was at the Blood & Honour organised ‘Return to Camelot’ festival in 2014, 2016 and likely 2018 too. Jamie attended a NSBM (National Socialist Black Metal) gig in Ukraine in 2019. He is confirmed to have been involved in the violence against leftists and asylum seekers as part of the ‘Statue Defenders protests’ in Glasgow in the summer of 2020. He appears to be particularly close to Veneto Fronte (Venetian Front), a neo-nazi skinhead gang who have been involved in violence and weapons stock-piling. Hunter would also be present at Patriotic Alternative actions and hikes in 2020 with other members of the Scottish branch. Considering how PA try to hide their open nazism, we feel this information was in the public interest to publish. It is quite likely that Jamie is already under the watch of the counter-terror division of Mi5. One for antifascists to keep eyes on…

On his nazi holidays with his brother Craig, wife Lyndsay and also wishing Hitler a happy birthday of course.

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