Kenny Smith: The Great Betrayer

Kenny Smith aka ‘300 Spartans’.

This article is about the tale of Kenny Smith, a tale with so much deception, intrigue and betrayal that it’s almost Shakespearian. We’re aware at the time of writing that a big chunk of our readers will be nationalists who perhaps don’t know the full background of this slippery fella so we’re doing you a solid. Smith, a native of the Isle of Lewis (shoutout to Madfwaz!), was once a trusted officer within the British National Party. He was Scottish Organiser, head of Party Administration, treasurer for the international donations front-group Civil Liberty, fund-holder for the British National Lottery and an Advisory Council member. His wife Nicholla was also on the Advisory Council and ran Excalibur Merchandising, a BNP venture for selling overpriced tat to supporters. Both were loyalists on the BNP payroll who gave years of service to the party. At the high point in his fascist career, Kenny would stand for the Glasgow Springburn district in the 2007 local elections and the National Holyrood elections where he would accrue a pathetic 2.5% of the vote. Later that year they would be purged from the party.

Byeeeeee – Kenny Smith and Sadie Graham

Hold on a hot minute though, why was Kenny boy thrown out? To understand that we have to go back to the early 2000’s. The head of the BNP Youth Wing at the time was a certain Mark Collett and he brought some serious bad press for the party. Racist and homophobic outbursts on several documentaries on national television, would see him temporarily suspended and savaged by Smith and others. In 2006 at the BNP’s Blackpool conference at the Kimberley Hotel, Mark Collett and Dave Hannam (who ran the BNP’s Great White Records) would attempt to molest two underage girls in their room. The girls had filmed the incident on their mobile phones and Kenny had convinced them to bluetooth him the footage and speaking with one of their mother’s, pleaded with them to not go to the police. He was afraid of what damage this could do to the party. Kenny would be involved in a disciplinary against Collett where he was given a final warning, much to the dismay of many in the party wanted him gone.

This excerpt was posted by Kenny Smiths on his own blog

Out of the frustration of Nick Griffin repeatedly protecting the widely-despised Collett, Kenny Smith and Sadie Graham would set up a clandestine smear blog against Collett called ‘enoughisenough’ where they would call him things like ” a liar, paedophile, nazi, scumbag, rat etc etc…”. The blog was designed to look like it was authored by ‘reds’ and not disgruntled party officials. One problem though…Incredibly, Griffin and his ‘intelligence unit’ (*lol*) were somehow able to record Smith and Graham’s seditious conversations and publish the recording to the BNP website. They would be accused of attempting a ‘palace coup’ and thrown out of the party for ‘gross misconduct’. This would trigger a massive wave of resignations which would signal the beginning of the implosion of the BNP. Eventually in 2010, Collett would threaten to kill Nick Griffin and this would see him finally booted out.

Kenny’s BNP promo video from 2006.

After the personal details of 12,000 BNP members were leaked by Smiths close friend and co-conspirator Matt Single (Sadie Graham’s fiancé), Griffin would take 6 of the rebels to court. Smith was accused of stewarding over ‘an accounting deficit’ of 17k and stealing 4k from the BNP Lottery after being sacked. He would hand this over when Strathclyde Police turned up at his house. Smith and the rebels would eventually win the case and Griffin was ordered to pay costs of over 70k to the defendants in total. Kenny kept his share of the money despite running a ‘Family Defence Fund’ where supporters donated to his legal costs. Griffin was bankrupted. *applause*

Griffin and Collet in happier times.

Kenny wasn’t done yet. Not by a long shot. In the years between 2008 and 2010 he would launch Winds of Change, a pressure group aimed at ousting Griffin, Collett and their clique. His blog ‘enoughisenough’ would be rebranded ‘enoughisenoughnick‘ and would feature more than 50 very long posts attacking ‘Griffinites’. He would also attempt to start two political projects which would fail immediately, the RealBNP (nazi Real IRA?) and Scotland First. In 2014 Kenny and his wife Nicholla (also sacked from the BNP) would move from Falkirk to small town of Broadford on the Isle of Skye. Word has it that this is because he was hated in his native Lewis community for waving a nazi flag on Hitler’s birthday and wasn’t welcome to return. In the same year of 2014 he would start a t-shirt business called Shock Jock where he would sell dreadful clip-art style designs with Scottish/Gháidhlig/nationalist themes. Despite being a former member of the British National Party, Kenny is a Scottish Independence supporter and proud Gàidhlig speaker. Go figure.

Kenny’s appalling work. His first design published was the 1488 one. (code for the ’14 words’ and ‘Heil Hitler’)

Fast-forward to 2020. During a Patriotic Alternative Scotland live-stream with Mark Collett as a guest , it was revealed that the streamer known as ‘300 Spartans’ was in fact none other than the Kenny Smith. The way the two former arch-enemies were lavishing praise on each other would be cringeworthy if they were just two random people but with the context of the history between the two, it was almost unbelievable. Collett and Smith are fascists though and fascists worship power. They will brush aside absolutely any semblance of morality they might have for a mere sniff of power. Kenny working with someone who, in his own words, he believes to be a paedophile is beyond reprehensible. This is a father with 3 young girls of his own.

Smith and Collett back together again in 2020. Kissing each others asses on a PA stream.

So other than being a member of ‘ethno-nationalist’ group Patriotic Alternative, what else is Kenny up to? Well we know for certain that he has a gun licence and enjoys hunting. We know that he owns a property called Swordale at Strath Glebe near Broadford which he rents out to foreign travellers from all around the world (not very ‘ethno-nationalist’ of him). Hates foreigners unless they’re paying him.

Kenny using his nazi pseudonym to give his B&B a five star review. *cringe*

Perhaps most alarmingly though, we learned during our research that as of 2016 Kenny is a coach with South Skye Shinty club. He also designed their logo and makes their merchandise. Fascists will often work with kids to attempt to warp their minds to their sick ideology. Another Scottish fascist comes to mind here; Gary Raikes, fellow Scot and ex-BNP member who was sacked as an army cadet officer in 2008 when it was discovered that he was trying to indoctrinate the kids. Is Kenny doing something similar? Do the parents of the kids even know his history? They will do after this.

Kenny, not quite dead yet.

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