and Non Commercial House is gone again…

On Wednesday 3rd Feb at 9.20 am, High Court Bailiffs
came round the Non
Commercial House Free Shop
, armed presumably with a restitution
warrant, and evicted the place and its occupiers.Owners and Bailiffs
seemed quite happy to prevent us from running a FreeShop (oooooh, scary,
giving out shit for free!!!!) and making some more people homeless
because they want to keep their building empty for another couple of





Once a person coming into the shop simply asked: “but why do they
want to evict you?” Thats a very good question isn’t it? Why? Probably
hundreds of reasons, just pick your favorite one. Maybe the reason they
want us out is exactly why we’re moving in! :)

So the Non
Commercial House Free Shop
is gone. It’s been an amazing project, so
many people just passing by, coming in, having a quick chat, being so
shocked that this was a squat and that some of the people they were
talking to were actually here in relation to their anarchist politics,
taking a couple of cool things they liked, promising to bring some of
their own unused stuff (and sometimes actually doing it!!!!).

Apart from having loads of people giving and taking the most
incredible stuff on opening days, many complementary activities happened
in the house: bike repairs, parties, Spanish lessons, mothers’
gathering, workshop of nothing, polyamory workshop, squatting meetings,
wireless hacking, queer fashion show, film screenings and boxing in the
basement, etc

It’s also been so much fun for everyone involved that it would be
surprising not to see some more FreeShop blossoming later this year…