Proposed Tesco Building in Bristol Squatted in Protest

Tesco Take-over

Following a 200 strong meeting discussing ways to oppose the planned
Tesco at Stokes Croft Bristol outraged local residents announced today their occupation of the

Astonished at the lack of proper consultation and Tesco’s underhand
tactics, local
residents moved into occupation of the premises
determined not to allow the development to go ahead.
This pre-empts work beginning on the 32nd Tesco store in Bristol alone,
concerned local residents would rather support small family businesses
over multinational corporations. Their banner on the front of the old
Jesters comedy club reads ”Stop Tesco – every little hurts”
There are 2306 Tesco related premises in the UK at present and with
Tesco accounting for about £1 in every £8 spent in the UK retail sector
we seriously believe they are breaking EU Monopoly Laws.
A message from the occupiers:
“We will resist eviction, and are calling out for like minded people
across bristol.
There is no need for another plastic store local shops are adequate
enough. Let’s mobilise, even if we manage to win this one we know
they’ll want more!”

Go to their website for further details of the campaign: