Squat Cafe, Exhibition and Documentary from Czech Republic and Poland, Tuesday 23 March




The story of villa Milada, one of the best known and long lasting
squat in czech republic, began 1st May 1998. The photo exhibition is
about the brutal eviction happened in September 2009.more info :: http://milada.org/zpravodajstvi/category/english

Rozbrat is a social centre in Poznan, poland. The local anarchist
occupied 16 years ago the buildings which were abandoned by a company,
which took a lot of loans and ran off abroad. Currently, around 20
people live at Rozbrat, concert and rehearsal rooms, a library, a
gallery, screen print and bike workshops, places for meetings and
debates are also there. The city is trying to sell the land in an
auction and they are planning to build villas for the rich there. The
auction takes place on the 26th of March. The squatters and their
supporters protested against the plans several times, at the last demo
on the 8th of March many of them got arrested and some of them still
have to face court proceedings.
for more info see: http://rozbrat.org/news-in-english/

:: Cafe’ starts at 6pm (benefit for Rozbrat courtcase) ::8pm
documentaries about Milada and Rozbrat squat life and evictions and



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