Ledbury hunt on the run from us…


A frustrating day with The Ledbury Hunt today who had their second Saturday meet of the season so it only seemed fair to go and spoil their fun for the day.
We teamed up with sabs from South Wales, Bath, Southampton and Pewsey and upon our arrival we were each awarded a scum vehicle bodyguard for the day who were clearly relaying every move we made back to the hunt so they could keep their distance from us. 2 groups of sabs took into the fields and when we would catch up with the hunt itself they would bolt from us and stop any hunting they were doing.
Most of the day was spent keeping the hunt on the run (but hey, if they’re running, they aint hunting!). The hunts support were feisty with us all day and it all came to a head at the end of the day when they were obviously frustrated with the fact that we kept finding the hunt so they decided to lash out at us, throwing punches and pushing back to the road where they continued trying to attack us. We stood our ground and eventually the bumpkins backed down and returned to their vehicles, leaving us to carry on in pursuit of the hunt…..and with that, they were packing up.
Tough day, but if the Ledbury think that they can get away with blatant illegal hunting and attacking sabs they can think again…. We’ll be seeing you again soon.

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