**Sabs on tour!**

We travelled to the Midlands today, joining numerous other groups in paying a visit to the notoriously violent fox killers of the Atherstone Hunt at their meet at the Odd House Inn, Snarestone, Leicestershire.

After an hour of waiting around at the meet and despite the full field, support and the bluff and bluster of all the boys they could muster, they decided that they didn’t want to come out to play, calling the day off ‘due to fog’.

Whilst some sabs went off to find another hunt not too far away, others kept tabs on the hound van, following it back to their kennels. Enough time went by to make it clear that they weren’t willing to try their luck, and sabs retired to the pub.

If the Atherstone think they can subject sabs and others who peacefully oppose them to violence without any comeback, they can think again.

Until next time…

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