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  1. Robert says:

    The Answer is to Either Abolish the Census Completely or Make it Far Less
    Intrusive and also Voluntary

    Netherless Section 8 of the 1920 Census Act should be Repealed

  2. Kevin Lister says:

    Good luck too you all – we must destroy the nuclear arms race and the strangle that it has on our society.

    Trident is the biggest cause of climate change. It locks us into competitive engagement with nations making the international cooperation needed on climate change impossible.


    and open letter to Chris Huhne prior to the Durban COP about why Trident must be linked into climate change negotiations at:

  3. individual says:

    You want to look at ONS CITIZEN project it far exceeds ID cards and is aimed at commercializing public data.

  4. Alex Jones says:

    I totally support your campaign. I and my friends destroyed our census forms.

  5. Marker says:

    Do you have access to legal advice on the likely consequences of non-cooperation with the census? I would be interested in non-cooperation, and although the internet is heaving with amateur opinions I can’t find any statements from legally qualified people.

    • countmeout says:

      In terms of legal issues if you boycott the census, you run the risk of court action, which could leave you with a £1000 fine and a criminal record.

      In terms of “likely” consequences, it all depends on whether they end up taking you to court. In 2001, there were 39 prosecutions (38 ending in a “guilty” verdict) from the 1500 refusals passed on to the ONS for legal action (and at least two or three times that for refusals that weren’t even considered). It also depends on other factors: how many people in general boycott, how many people local to you boycott, how obviously you boycott the census, etc.

      Good luck with whatever you decide to do!

  6. Phil says:

    How about sending you census form back incomplete or blank.

    The next step is for them to send someone around to your house to get you to fill it in properly.

    If you avoid them for a few times, thats many hours of time being used up.

    If enough people make Lockheed send more and more people out knocking on doors then the profit margin is gonna get eaten up ;-)

    • countmeout says:

      Hey Phil,

      Sending back your census form incomplete or blank is against the law, the same as knowingly filling in false information is. It’s good if you want to let them know you refuse to fill in the census, but the active refusal may count against you if they ever decided to prosecute you.

      Also, not being in when the census collectors turn up is a tried-and-tested historical method of census evasion :)

  7. countmeout says:

    Hi Sandra, thanks for the comment! We’ve sent you an e-mail…

  8. Yeeeaay! solidarity with you from across the seas in other countries! I say this on behalf of thousands of Canadians. Our census is in May. We are also fighting Lockheed Martin (with IBM a sub-contractor) in our census.

    We’ve sent out alerts into our networks, asking people here to contact people they know in the UK – – we can help you spread the word about your census in March.

    Lockheed Martin’s “products” were in the air above the crowds in Egypt – making threats against citizens in the attempt of the Mubarak regime to hold onto power. Lockheed Martin’s products are being used against citizens in Libya.

    Our efforts in our countries are in solidarity with people who lives, infrastructure and environment are being destroyed by the military-industrial complex.

    In Canada the fight against LM is simultaneously a battle to prevent our economy from becoming one that is dependent upon the waging of war, as is the American economy. With LM at the helm, the country also has to find ways to make enemies, otherwise there is no justification for war. The wars are about appropriating resources for corporate interests.

    There’s info on my blog: stories of citizen success against LM in the USA. We’re all fighting the same battle.

    I didn’t comply with the 2006 Canadian census because of Lockheed Martin and was charged. In January 2011 I was found guilty (by a lower court judge) but given an absolute discharge. The case is now under appeal. I am confident of winning, we have a Charter Right to privacy of personal information.

    Two excellent resources:
    – William Hartung’s book, “Prophets of War: Lockheed Martin and the Making of the Military Industrial Complex” (Jan 2011)
    – “IBM and the Holocaust” (2001, Edwin Black) about the role of mechanized census data bases in Nazi Europe.

    Together we are changing the world. Hallelujah!! And best wishes to all of you.

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