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Press releases

400 prosecuted for census refusal 29 January 2012
Lockheed Martin targeted by activists in weekend of action 18 March 2011
‘Count Me Out’ announce days of action against 2011 census 14 March 2011
Count Me Out campaign launched against 2011 census 4 March 2011


Why I refused to take part in the census (John Marjoram) Thursday 2 Feb This is Gloucestershire
John Voysey trial coverage: Daily Post, Wrexham News, Morning Star Wednesday 1-Thursday 2 Feb Various
Pacifists and the census form Monday 30 January Letters to the Guardian
Hundreds face census prosecution Sunday 29 January Press Association
120 people convicted for not filling in census form Friday 27 January Guardian
Man fined for refusing census over Lockheed Martin link Tuesday 17 January Guardian
Mayor facing court for refusing to do census Wednesday 11 January 2012 This is Gloucestershire
Campaigners up in arms at census controversy Thursday 20 April New Internationalist, Issue 442, May 2011
Count Me Out (news in brief) Friday 15 April CAAT News, April-June 2011, issue 220
Groups Call for Census Boycott Tuesday 5 April The Financial Times
Coventry worker burns census form in ‘arms protest’ Wednesday 23 March BBC News
Why to refuse the census Sunday 20 March Red Pepper blog
Demonstration against Lockheed Martin and 2011 UK census processing Saturday 19 March Demotix
Lockheed Martin Census Protests Saturday 19 March
Lockheed Martin targeted by census protesters Friday 18 March Resistance Radio
This Lockheed Martin contract tarnishes the census Friday 18 March
Lockheed Martin targeted by census protesters Friday 18 March The Guardian/
A quick tally of census concerns Saturday 12 March The Guardian/
The public face of international gun-running Wednesday 9 March The Boar (student newspaper)
Lack of legal safeguards could lead to census data breaches, warns law professor Monday 7 March
Census in Crosshairs: US arms maker link launches UK privacy fears (video) Sunday 6 March Russia Today
Rights group calls for census revolt Sunday 6 March Morning Star
Business Diary: Statisticians in the firing line Saturday 5 March The Independent on Sunday
UK Census 2011: Why I Will Be Breaking The Law on March 27, 2011 Monday 28 February
Alan Clifford show (about 35-45 minutes in) Monday 28 February BBC Nottingham
As Britain comes to its census, privacy fears abound Monday 28 February Russia Today
UK Census 2011: Why I Will Be Breaking The Law on March 27, 2011 Monday 28 February The Unsuitablog
Why I will be making trouble for the census Friday 25 February Lib Dem Voice
10 O’Clock Live (episode 6) (in last 10 minutes) Thursday 24 March Channel 4
Week in Britain: Campaigning against the census Tuesday 22 February
2011 Census Rebellion! Tuesday 22 February
Government defends need for census Monday 21 February The Register
Boycott the UK census over links to Lockheed Martin, protesters say Saturday 19 February
Ghetts, the census and Guantánamo Bay Thursday 13 January

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