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People across the UK are taking action across the census. We’ve got some suggestions on our Taking action pages, but we want to know what you’re doing.

Go on, tell us! Comment below. Beware, if you’re breaking the law and you don’t want the census people to know, you shouldn’t comment using your real name…

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  1. Martin Lockheed says:

    I’ve found a lot of things on the Internet I thought Lockheed Martin might be interested in, so I took the liberty of giving their their public postal address and e-mail address to a wide range of spam mailing lists, catalogues and religious cults.

  2. jim Rainey says:

    The best way to opt out is just to ignore it completely. I did it last time and if you are prepared to sit out a few weeks of follow up door knocking ( unanswered of course ) they move on in search of an easier target. It can be a bit unnerving as they can be pretty persistent ( shouting loudly through the letter box at times ) but stick to your guns and it’ll be fine. They need ‘evidence’ to nail you and this can only be done through a ‘face to face’. Much the same as TV licence bounty hunters they will huff and puff but give them short thrift i.e. a locked door and they eventually leave.

  3. Ben says:

    Boycotting the census simply risks prosecution AND LOCKHEED MARTIN STILL GET PAID. The only way to get back at them is to complete your census form but make sure it costs them as much money as possible to process it. http://www.peacenewslog.info/2011/03/how-to-fill-in-your-census-form-without-lockheed-martin-profiting-short-version/

    • Persilschein says:

      In the mad rush to dutifully complete my census form before the insinuated deadline, and being terrified of heavy fines or even more draconioan punishments, I unfortunately made a few clerical errors on my form. I am now putting these matters right by writing to:

      The Manager, Census 2011, Freepost, Processing Centre UK

      to instruct them to make the necessary corrections and to attach my letter to my form. (they should find it eventually, amongst the few million they have received already)

      To show that I take my legal obligation to provide accurate and truthful information extremely seriously, I am also sending a copy of this correspondence to:

      Jil Matheson, National Statistician, Office for national Statistics, Government Buildings, Cardiff Road, Newport, South Wales, NP10 8XG

  4. Anon says:

    I do not wish to fill out the Census as I am from Scotland, and cannot morally accept that the census is being conducted by CACI Ltd which have allegations of torture against them at Abu Ghraib.

    However I do have a commitment for my child, so I cannot risk prison as a worst case scenario, therefore, I will have to seriously consider whether I complete the form or ignore it.

    If I choose to answer the form, I will be doing the following:

    All answers will be completed using a variety of coloured inks except for blue and black, all answers will be completed outwith the spaces provided
    Barcodes will be rendered unreadable
    All my answers will be half truths
    All my answers will be translated to Esperanto using the many online converters, before being committed to paper

    The reason I will be choosing Esperanto is that it will not be instantly recognised as that language as it is similar to many other language types, so it should slow them down quite a bit (if I choose to fill it out).

  5. junski says:

    i have refused in a very polite and peaceful way to take the from from the wery nice lady that came to hand them out, with no isseus thus far

    and what about question 17 removed (in mt opinion to be addad back in and answerd on your behalf later much to the detrement of freedom )

    and i offer you all the stand point of i cannot answer that would be a breach of data protection act

  6. mark says:

    Thrown it in the recycling bin. They have employed Capita, the same company that collect the TV License to harass people on the doorstep. The best policy is no communication at all. Like the TV License they rely on you to incriminate yourself. Its not even addressed to you, just to “The Occupier” so getting a conviction is hardly likely unless you start causing trouble and identify yourself.

  7. Nigel says:

    I was strongly opposed to the Iraq war and I have no time for ‘defence’ companies.

    However, I think that this campaign is completely misguided. While it may be true that Census data is used justify government cuts, it will be much easier to justify cuts in areas where people do not complete a Census questionnaire. Lockheed Martin will get paid regardless of whatever actions you take. However, it will be YOU and YOUR that community will lose out.

  8. Simon says:

    I will not support the census for four reasons (in no order of importance):

    1. Level of intrusive questions that have nothing to do with the aims of a census

    2. I cannot support an arms manufacturer

    3. I absolutely do not trust Locheed or th UK government to keep my data secure

    4. The wording of the ‘Religion’ question – it is leading.

  9. ptah says:

    Once upon a time, data collected in a census would be used to benefit us all through efficient management of resources and central planning. Oh and democracy too! However, the modern trend is away from these antiquated methods and I fully expect the information – once collected – to be passed on for commercial exploitation perhaps to a foreign business giving unfair advantage against UK business.

    If we have to accept a free market model then I expect money for my information – and I want to see a good number of zeros on the end too.

    So I am investigating a reliable method to corrupt my feedback without incurring a fine. I appreciate the effort this site is making in helping with that aim.

    I particularly like the idea of filling the form in with too much detail, sealing it in an envelope and then then dipping it in glue and sh*t before posting it.

  10. Dan says:

    Do you think writing in tiny tiny writing would be illegal? Backwards letters? Right to left? Upside down?

  11. ben says:

    religion pagan freepartying

    and adding glitter to make it pretty lots and lots of glitter some shiny stars and mabby one of those windup butterflies :)

  12. GreenAmber says:

    Where’s the co-ordinated answers to certain questions – in 2001 we had Jedi – can’t someone come up with some witty, clever but just the right side of the law answer that we can all use? How about we all become part of a pacifist religion – Quakers for instance – for the pupose of this census?

    I totally agree with the fact that this census contains far too many questions about ethnicity, race and immigration.
    As the parent of a disabled young person in an area where we have pitiful public transport, social care, youth services, educational support, libraries and leisure activities, all of which are being cut massively by our local overpaid tory (backed by fib-dims) authority I find the line about it being needed to plan public services specious and condescending – I am not an idiot – why, oh why, do they keep treating me like one? I can’t risk a £1000 fine or prison – I’m a single parent – so what choice do I have? How can I resist, where are my democratic and human rights in this debacle?

    This census is just another government (the last one was as bad) process where the needs, desires, voice and feelings of the country are ridden rough shod over – like all the ‘consultations’ on the Green, White or whatever other coloured bills they keep pushing though – where people are given the idea they are being consulted, listened to, informed and involved – but in reality the questions asked are dead-ends, the answers won’t be read and the decisions have already been made. Welcome to Corporation World 2011 – where your opinion doesn’t count!

  13. Beth says:

    Hi! My name is Beth, I’m 24, I live in Hackney and I work for the NHS. I am boycotting the census.

    The 2011 census is being carried out by Lockheed Martin, the largest arms company in the world. Lockheed Martin makes Trident nuclear missiles and F-16 fighter jets and has produced missiles and land mines used in the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts. They have also provided private interrogators at Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo. This company profits from war and insecurity around the world, and by awarding the £150 million contract for the 2011 Census to Lockheed Martin our government is saying that this is OK.

    This isn’t Lockheed Martin’s first census; they were also involved in the 2006 Census in Canada. Each time Lockheed Martin runs a census they gain more credibility and legitimacy; they are able to build an image of themselves as a socially responsible company. It is up to us to show that they are not.

    I am boycotting the census because I believe that arms companies must be resisted wherever they go. By boycotting the Census I risk a fine and a criminal record. By funding and legitimating the arms trade our government risks insecurity and death for many around the world.

  14. countmeout says:

    That’s great, keep them coming :)

  15. Simon Baxter (47, London) says:

    It is my duty as a citizen to fill out the census – I believe in the importance of gathering such data in order to help plan and shape policy and services. However, I find myself in an untenable situation: not completing the census on moral grounds puts me at risk of a £1,000 fine or even a criminal record but cooperating will amount to the tacit support that legitimatises the arms trade. I just can’t do that. So bearing in mind all the risks involved, count me out.

  16. Kate Rollason (59) says:

    I will not be filling in my Census form.

    I am a quiet law-abiding citizen and find myself very anxious about doing anything illegal. As a life-long pacifist, however, I am even more anxious about supporting the major arms company that is being paid to record and process the census information.

    The government claim that the information is to be used to plan public services and allocate funding from central government to local authorities. Studying the questions being asked in the census and having experienced the stringent cuts to public services made so far by the government I have decided that I cannot trust it with my information.

  17. Tim Elliott (28) says:

    People need to be aware what is being done in our names. Apathy is not acceptable. I won’t allow this government to hand £150m and powerful corporate credibility to an organisation which makes a business out of murder.

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