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The Peoples’ Flag is Deepest Black

The first Mayday march, led by anarchist International Working Peoples’ Association activists Albert and Lucy Parsons and their children, took place down Michigan Avenue in Chicago on 1st May 1886 as part of the strike campaign for an eight hour … Continue reading

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The View From Balkello

A sharp, cold winters morning at the top of Balkello Hill looking from the Syd Scroggie Memorial Cairn south over rural Angus, Dundee sitting snugly in its natural contours almost hidden from sight with the Tay and North Sea beyond. … Continue reading

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Workfare, Tax Avoidance and the Secret State

Since the beginning of this year the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) have been refusing to respond to requests for information about companies using the various government workfare schemes.  In August, the Information Commissioner told DWP that names of companies … Continue reading

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Report: Radical Independant Conference 24/11/12 – Glasgow

Anarchist Federation Report: Radical Independence Conference 24/11/12 – Glasgow With the continuous nearing of the referendum on Scottish independence, the nation’s future and heated debate on pros and cons of the topic have dominated the media and the everyday lives … Continue reading

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A report from the Radical Independence Conference. Over 800 people attending the RIC in Glasgow last Saturday certainly thought so. The feelgood factor amongst delegates was palpable as the vast majority  left the conference with a rekindled belief in the … Continue reading

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Cooperative Developments

  A Social Alternative to Capitalism – Workers and Community Cooperatives You may not have noticed, but 2012 has been the International Year of Co-operatives. The Scottish parliament held a back-slapping session at the start of the year in which … Continue reading

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Freedom from Fascism: Seminar 2

This is the second part of the Free University, Dundee seminar presented at Dundee Together on 1st September 2012. Tyranny at the level of human relationships The impulse to control others Where do we see it (at individual and group … Continue reading

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Freedom from Fascism: Seminar 1

Freedom from Fascism This seminar was given by the Free University, Dundee at the recent Dundee Together Against Racism and Fascism Festival. The title of this seminar suggests that freedom and fascism are opposites. We could spend a lot of time tied up … Continue reading

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Massive Music Line-up at Dundee Together

  The Love Music Hate Racism stage will kick off around 11am with Hanney’s energetic seven piece band combining dirty electro beats, guitar riffs, thought provoking lyrics and rap to produce a unique sound the band themselves  label as “Hanney-Core”. … Continue reading

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The Greek Crisis: Unspoken Consequences: From our Athens Correspondent

If anyone were interested in researching the mechanisms of the state in action, Greece would have been a primary candidate for a case study. The public domain from the mid seventies to approximately2008 had been the largest in Europe, whilst … Continue reading

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