Spain: Week in solidarity with Mónica Caballero and Francisco Solar (29 Feb to 6 March)

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We call for solidarity with our comrades Monica and Francisco, the week of February 29 to March 6, to inform and make visible their situation!


On 8, 9 and 10 March 2016 the trial against the anarchists Monica Caballero and Francisco Solar will be held at the National Court in Madrid. The two comrades are more than two years in pre-trial detention.

The charges against them are three of [property] damage, conspiracy and membership of a criminal organization with terrorist aims, which is why the prosecution calls for a sentence of 44 years in prison for each.
Their arrests were the first in a series of anti-terrorist operations in Catalonia, Madrid and Palencia, operating under the name of Operation Pandora and Piñata totaling more than 40 people charged to be part of this alleged “terrorist” organization.

But what is this organization?

The acronym of the Coordination of Anarchist Groups (GAC) are those that the police operations have used to build this imaginary organization.

But what precisely is GAC?
It is a project coordinating statewide anarchist groups whose intention is to help create a strong and cohesive anarchist movement. Coordination based on the principles of solidarity, mutual support and direct action.
They have held public campaigns in support of persecuted anarchists, and in 2013 published a book called “Against Democracy” where an analysis of different political structures is performed accompanied by proposals, made under the prism of individual freedom and anti-authoritarianism, etc.

Anyway, the obvious fact is that in no case is it a terrorist organization, since none of the actions they are accusing Monica and Francisco of, or the other defendants in other operations, have been claimed with these acronyms.

The alleged terrorist organization “GAC” is an absolute police construction to which judges and prosecutors have given credit, a good opportunity to discredit, criminalize and wipe out an ideology and practices that historically have contributed and contribute to the fight against power in its multiple mechanisms.

Since long before the arrest of Monica and Francisco, November 2013, in a period of rising tension and social resistance in the streets, it has been seen how repression has increased against those who fight against oppression, including against anarchists. In this context they have also implemented significant legal changes to increase the repression, like the law of public security, reform of the penal code and the signing of a new anti-terrorism pact.

We have also witnessed how these changes translated into constant arrests, prosecutions and convictions of people struggling, we remember many processes opened like those indicted for the Strike of 29M, the Can routes, the case of the blockade of the Parliament, the 3 of Lleida, etc. but also those who dared to show their displeasure; Other lawsuits are for such ridiculous things as merely commenting on social networks or writing lyrics, even – so far confirming the joke about puppeteers that ended in prison for “glorifying terrorism” when
they criticized the repression against anarchists.

The trial against Monica and Francisco, is not the final judgment, but a beginning that can grow a precedent that may affect current and future struggles.

They are creating a fictitious organization where everyone has a place. What looks like a mockery of common sense ceases to be more and more as people fill the prisons of the Spanish state. The accusation of terrorism, or failing that of “glorification” serves as a kind of magic wand with which the state seeks to do away with the various forms of opposition to its omnipresence and repression.

We call for solidarity with comrades Monica and Francisco the week of February 29 to March 6, to inform and make visible their situation! And of course, so to let Monica and Francisco feel that they are not alone facing this trial that wants to devour their freedom and their lives!

Freedom for Monica and Francisco!

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