December 2023

Milborne Port Climate and Nature Action group

We have the solutions; it’s not a meteorite: show love & give hope this Christmas

I’m in my sixties and am struggling with climate anxiety – I find it heart-breaking to consider what it must be like for young people to live with the knowledge that at all levels their elders could be addressing the climate crisis that will otherwise scupper their future but are largely ignoring it. “I don’t make a difference” said 8,000,000,000 people. The result? We are still burning (in/directly) more fossil fuels every year. Unbelievable. And at current rates of consumption we will have used up the entire remaining carbon budget to stay within ‘safe’ limits within 6 years. The Earth’s vital signs are already literally going off the charts. How will our children and grandchildren feel in 6 years about the part we have played? Will we be able to look them in the eye when say we love them?


However much more or little we have all changed the climate by the end of this defining decade, it is worth remembering that every extra fraction of a degree that the Earth warms beyond 1.50C or 20C above pre-industrial levels will result in more misery and suffering for more people including ourselves – there is no point at which we have left acting too late.

The most urgent and important thing to do right now is stop funding new fossil fuels; (we already have enough in the pipeline for the transition to renewables and the money needs to be spent on infrastructure that will sustain us). We need to take responsibility for our families’ future and actively show politicians that we care about the climate by lobbying them about our concerns and in how we vote. Some politicians don’t think we’ll vote with climate in mind. We need to show them that they’re wrong. Spare a bit of time, sign up to be a non-partisan climate canvasser with Greenpeace – search Greenpeace climate vote – this project will show all political parties that they need to step up their climate policies.

Here’s One Thing To Do for Christmas: Make sure our own children and grandchildren, and other young relatives, will have the comfort of knowing we loved them enough to do all we could to keep a safe climate – and make a Christmas pledge of what you will do for their future.