April 2024

The Nation Needs You!

We are increasingly vulnerable to the impacts of flood events in Milborne Port, as their frequency and intensity continues to rise throughout the UK. It was only luck last May that meant Yarlington rather than us was deluged with 130mm of rain, causing so much damage and heart-break.

So, have you signed yet? The cross-party campaign for the Climate and Ecology Bill needs your support.

It’s a new plan for the UK to tackle the climate emergency, global warming and biodiversity loss– written by scientists, experts and campaigners, firmly backed at the official launch by Deborah Meaden of Dragon’s Den fame.

It is a plan to:

  1. Make sure the UK cuts its emissions fairly and fully
  2. Make sure the UK reverses the destruction of nature by 2030
  3. Involve citizens in finding the fairest way forward.

Will you back the Bill? It has cross-party support but not enough yet to make it law. Please sign up for your children’s sake and your onw; use the QR code below or www.zerohour.uk Climate change is unjust: the dire effects are and will be worst for those who have done least to deserve the consequences of the changes we are making.

Here’s One Thing To Do: Share the Zero Hour Open Letter today using this QR code: