May 2024. Where flowers bloom so does hope

Milborne Port Climate and Nature Action group

Where flowers bloom, so does hope” – Lady Bird Johnson

It’s No Mow May time of year again! If you’re tempted to get the mower out, why not resist the urge and have a tidy of the shed / garage / loft instead?! Or just mow a path and an edge so it looks purposeful. Letting wild flowers bloom and the vegetation grow enables insects and in their turn birds, hedgehogs, bats, frogs – and ultimately, us – to thrive! Sit back and enjoy the buzzing of the bees and a tipple while you relax and save fuel! Find out more by searching for Plantlife your no mow May lawn guide. And please don’t strim – hedgehogs don’t run, they curl up in a tight ball and get mortally wounded.

Up on the wonderful piece of rare limestone grassland that is East Hill, after 15 years or so without any livestock, we are delighted to welcome some ponies whose grazing is going to help restore the wild flowers and rare insects. How can they do that by eating the vegetation? As there are just a few ponies in a large area there will always be plenty of plants in flower but the thatch of dead grass that has built up and the over-vigorous grasses will be knocked back leaving space for the flowers. Watch out for the return of masses more cowslips, orchids and butterflies!

Nature is struggling in the UK. We have to restore it now for our own sake too. If you haven’t already, please don’t delay any further in doing the single easiest , quickest yet biggest thing you can for nature this year…

One thing you can do: sign your support for the Climate and Nature Bill at

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