Who are they trying to fool?


The sticker pictured above is from humiliated nazi group National Action. Not that pederasty is anything to defend but it is a bit rich considering they knowingly allow a convicted sex offender in their membership. Ryan Fleming of National Action, Order of Nine Angles and the “Vampyric Front” was charged in 2011 with sexually assaulting a teenage boy. National Action members and supporters have repeatedly defended Fleming with one supporter on nazi web forum Stormfront claiming:

No I’m not an NA member, but if you read the accounts of this so called sexual assault as detailed in the news media, they don’t actually state the nature of the assault but it would appear the ‘victim’ was not being sexually assaulted in the sense that most people understand. He was not assaulted for the sexual gratification of the NA lad, it appears he was assaulted as part of a punishment for persistently bothering or stalking the NA lad’s girlfriend. So we are left wondering quite what the assault entailed? The ‘victim’ might simply have been wacked in the nuts, in which case, it would not be a sexual assault in the way that most people understand.” [1].

The person who was assaulted was not “wacked in the nuts”, he was forced to perform a sex act on Fleming if he did not eat Marmite. They are doing their best to silence, cover up or even deny that there is a sex pest in their own ranks, even making up obvious lies about the incident.

The tolerance of people in their membership who have committed sexual assault is obvious and throws into doubt their sincerity where this sticker is concerned.

[1] Originally posted on nazi web forum Stormfront by “Mick White”.