Rest In Peace Killah P

4 years ago this month anti-fascist rapper Pavlos Fyssas aka. Killah P was murdered in Athens by Giorgos Roupakias fascist scum from Golden Dawn, the Greek neo-Nazi organisation.

In the following days thousands took to the streets to remember Killah P, protest his murder and to take on the Golden Dawn. Mass vigils and demonstrations took place, along with fights between anti-fascists as well as other outraged locals, and the Golden Dawn and their protectors, the police. Rioting was also a feature over the following days. Then on the 1st November of the same year, some anti-fascists shot and killed two fascists, Giorgos Fountoulis and Manos Kapelonis, both members of the Golden Dawn. It was claimed by those responsible that this was in retaliation for the death of Killah P.

The murder of Fyssas is still as sore as it was 4 years ago. 4th year anniversary demonstrations have taken place in Athens where protesters marched through the city in their thousands. Some attempted to march on the Golden Dawn office, and some even attempted to attack it. The attackers were beaten back by the police (we all know which side they are really on) but not before the attackers put up heavy resistance.

It is incumbent upon us as anti-fascists to remember those slain at the hands of fascists.