Time travelling fascists and other older news

S.N.O.B A.H.A has confronted two forms of fascism this month.

On Tuesday 3rd April having just woken up, squatters were peacefully drinking their morning tea in their living room, when they were rudely interrupted by the Sussex police FIT team bursting into the room. Having smashed in the front door police began shoving cameras in their faces and running around taking photos of their belongings. It was a well co-ordinated attack, Sussex police working along side crooked bailiffs to make 10 people homeless. No valid papers were shown, only an old court order from January was provided when supporters chanted ‘we want papers’. S.N.O.B A.H.A, in conjunction with A.S.S, are currently taking legal action against the bailiffs, along with the police for their complicity, as this was clearly an illegal eviction. 25 police officers (ranging from bronze command fash to lowly constable scum) lined George street, Kemp Town, to assist the bailiffs in their illegal activities.

The wondrous FIT team gladly filmed the whole affair, no doubt in preparation for the International Squatters Convergence, which is taking place in Brighton in two weeks (17th – 19th May). A crowd of thirty or so supporters gathered on George St and St James St, and shouted, watched, and filmed in horror as the police facilitated a violent eviction where no notice had been given. They threw our duvets into a pile on the street and then imposed a section 14 on the area where the duvets, guitars, and art work lay, meaning we had to drag our belongings to the other side of the road where the pigs deemed our evicted belongings to be less obstructive to the gracious public. ACAB.

Three days ago S.N.O.B had the privilege of receiving a phone call from the EDL. With the national anthem blasting away in the background (original) they threatened to ‘find us, when there are no women or children around’. They are clearly intimidated by the women and children of Brighton after being run out of town by them 10 days ago. In other recent EDL news, the fash have discovered time travel! And are threatening to target an anti-fascist benefit gig which happened in 2011 (http://www.edlnews.co.uk/index.php/featured-stories/derek-fender-corner/710-brighton-the-edl-casuals-continue-to-humiliate-themselves). Please make your past selves aware of this – safety first! Rest assured S.N.O.B are also in the process of developing such skills – if you have a spare flux capacitor please let us know.

S.N.O.B wants to make your future selves aware that the EDL are coming back to Brighton on 2nd June (http://www.facebook.com/events/380273405344890/). They come to Brighton in the hope of beating up ‘gay ultra-Marxists’ and we will run them out of town like we did last time. AFAB.”

Any anti-fascist/squatter solidarity would be much appreciated

Love and riots,

Some snobbers

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