The G8. [Remembering Genoa]

It’s the UK’s turn for the next G8 and luckily for us black is next years fashionable colour, excited yet?

Unfortuately for us here in the UK this also once more means we will be “treated” to the very ugly sight of The (dirtymidget) BONO and The “Sir” Bob (I’m still punk as fuck, honest) Gandolf as they wheel out assorted corporate geriatric ‘neverhasbeens’ of the rock/pop star industry to help set the world to rights with another rock/pop concert… or as we call it here at AA towers another MASSIVE FUCKING DISTRACTION from the real issues. And let us not forget the importance of improved album sales and exposure for the sad rock dicks.

Luckily most of them bank offshore so at least they aren’t paying any tax so they won’t be contributing to the UK’s continued Executive Terror Wars [tm.] waged across the globe at the bequest of our “ Big Daddy Pimp” AmeriKKKA.  Of course, this also means they don’t contribute to schools, hospitals or elderly care either which makes them not only EVERYTHING THAT IS WRONG WITH THE WORLD TODAY but also a bunch of flying shit monkey c**k sucking bastard children of the Thatcher Demon  in our eyes, but I digress….   

BONO - Tax Cheat and all round twat.

This is the week the sentences were handed out from G8 summit in Genoa 2001 ( Hey! nobody said the Italian justice system was quick…or fair…. or just.)

The Diaz school after...

The sentences were not of course handed out to the politicians that ordered the brutal beatings in the Diaz school, or the cops who did the beating, not even to the cop who shot Carlo’s Giuliani,

Nope…it was the activists who are being charged with “devastation and looting” who are on trial.


Francesco Puglisi and Vincenzo Vecchi, two of the “Genoa 10” received the most severe sentences 15 and 13 years respectively for smashing up some capitalist shit… both are now believed to be the run.

 The Italian justice system has always been known as one of the worst in Europe (although we are all fucking doomed when it’s us vs. property – Ed.)  And the Italian cops also have a long history with the far right and for brutality and corruption. As Italy prepares for a summer of anger and the possible return of the godfather “Bunga Bunga Berlusconi” our thoughts are with our friends out there and the families of the 10 activists and with the family of Carlo…

Never ask the time or for directions from an Italian cop!

 As we prepare for the next G8 we should always be aware that the state and its corporate sponsors will not let anything stand in the way of profit and they will subvert justice to suit their evil plans. Which is why it’s even more imperative that we turn out in mass to protest against the evil empire and all that it stands for and to remember and honor those that have lost their lives fighting for a just and free world.

Genoa 2001

 I think the last words should go to Carlo’s sister – this is the full statement released by Elena Giuliani, in support of the 10×100 campaign being ran in social centers across Italy.

 “Despite everything, brother, I really hoped I would hear you smile tonight…on the contrary…it wasn’t enough that they judged your murder a lawful murder. After 11 years, they still wanted some more lives. And not the lives of those who murdered, tortured, battered, or the lives of those who ordered the beatings and covered them up.

Once again, they’ve taken the lives of our comrades, of our brothers and sisters. They called a few broken windows “devastation and looting”; some of those windows – maybe – broken by the Genoa defendants.

They called the coma, the broken bones and teeth, the blood, the tortures and the threats “false evidence” – all of those caused by the same police forces they didn’t even want to identify.

They judged it was all legitimate: the hole the bullet made in your head, the devastation the defender made on your body, the wound a rock made on your forehead, while you were lying on the ground among dozens of boots, when your heart still screamed. They judged it was legitimate to loot your life and today the looting of more lives”.


For more info:


Words by the Dirty Hoof

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The philosophy of animal rights.


 Aberdeen Anarchists in association with Aberdeen City Arts Board (ACAB) and Aberdeen Against Austerity presents: The summer Series – no.2

 “The philosophy of animal rights.”

 Please come and join us on Friday 20th July 2012 at the Blue Lamp (upstairs) Gallowgate,Aberdeen for an informative look at animal rights and the philosophy that underpins it.

A Q&A will follow and a movie.

 This event likes all our events is free/donation if you can afford it! :D

 See you there.

 No Pasaran!

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Happy Birthday Faslane!

After several attempts to leave Aberdeen and Stonehaven (after getting lost several times) spirits were still high  aboard the good car “susan” as several members of Aberdeen Anarchists,  Aberdeen Against Austerity, Aberdeen City Arts Board (ACAB) and Occupy Aberdeen went on their merry little way down south; To Faslane Peace Camp; to take part in the 30th Anniversary celebrations  of their very, very essential existence.

Faslane 30 call out

The camp had called for 30 days of direct action in protest of the continued presence of Trident and the continued threat of Scotland being a MASSIVE TARGET because of that, all of course thanks to the continued imperialistic nature of the good ‘ole U.S. ov A and the idiots in charge over here.

We arrived on a balmy July evening and were made very welcome by the campers and the midge. They even sorted out a caravan and made space for us around the camp fire, but an early start awaited so it was off to bed, with coca and a ghost story  to ready ourselves for the first action. The Academic bloc.

The speakers holding the seminar came from various backgrounds in academia, such as geographers talking about why we are all targets and physicists who used to work for the M.O.D converting plutonium for warheads. Some of the academics were veterans of peace movement, having attended a similar event during Faslane 365.

The talks were very interesting and reminded us all that there is still a real threat of nuclear destruction. Who knew that you could wipe out half a billion with one missile?

Pip Pip (center) & the ‘real’ Clown Army

The M.O.D had there own cops out, and one wee chap we dubbed “Pip Pip” seemed to be running the show. What a friendly chap he was, asking folks names and interacting with the happy people gathered. And what do you do if a cop asks for your name, kids? Tell him nothing! That’s right, ZILCH!!

He also had his friendly FIT sergeant out, recording us for posterity, which was nice. When challenged about taking photos of the kids who were there protesting with mum and dad he “assured” us that they deleted the pictures of the kids – and as you don’t get more honest than a copper we believed him, honest! We also asked how long the pictures of us were kept for, he said he didn’t know, which is a worry is for all of us if a senior policeman does not know the law he is enforcing. It must be sheer ignorance on his part, maybe he was off sick that day at cop school because as we know cops cannot lie to the public; if they do I hear their heads explode.

Fascist Intrusion Tactic (or FIT Team)

After the seminar we de-camped back to the camp for some food and coffee to await the invasion of the clowns….

Words by The Dirty Hoof….


Sang The King Blues on their track “The streets are ours.” And the protesters at Faslane peace camp happily obliged.

It’s day 2 of Aberdeen Anarchists’ jaunt to Faslane peace camp and the Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army are in town for a day of high jinks and tomfoolery at the nuclear navy base. Unfortunately the Murpstar and The Dirty Hoof  could not be here for day 2, as they were south of the border in Englandshire  so that left yours truly, and RI-Occupy to fight the powers soon not to be.

"What we do every night, try and take over the world!"

The day began with a super secret meeting to go over the plan of attack and concluded with everyone doing the rubber chicken. (Don’t ask – Seriously, don’t ask!) We headed back to camp for final preparations and a cup of tea, (it’s not a revolution without tea!) and then snuck through the countryside all ninja like to avoid the cops and to give us the element of surprise. The first target was the south gate of the base and we could almost hear the collective groan of the cops as they saw the clowns rounding the bend.

The clowns marched to about 30ft from the gate then charged, pressed themselves against the gate and started to bang on the gate shouting “Let us in, we want to party. We promise to be good.” But alas, the party poopers that are the cops wouldn’t let us in. Boooooooo. Plan A had failed, now for plan B, the attack of the zombie clowns! The zombie clowns rallied about 20ft from the gate and began charging as best they could, which, with them being zombies, is slowly. 10 minutes later they reach the gate and start banging, demanding brains, but they were out of luck as the cops don’t have any! Another genius plan failed by those tricksy cops of the empire. Strong with the force they must be.

Time for plan C – shower the cops with hugs. Alas, the clowns suffer another defeat as the cops have hearts of stone and don’t have room in their lives for love. Plan D – fishing!?! Fail. Plan E – socking!?! Fail. Plan F – move one of the road blocks to do something with it!?! Fail. I have no idea what they planned to do with it if they had managed to move it, but I’m almost positive that it might have worked. Plan E – try to sneak in through the pedestrian gate. Fail. (I think this plan failed due to the poor camouflage effects of pink and blue fluffy wigs!) Plan F – play catch with a squidgy, rubbery ball with lots of tentacles and a pair of eyes! Fail. Plan G – throw said squidgy ball thing over the gate. (At this point I began thinking this ball thing was actually a bomb in disguise because you know what dangerous anarchist types are like.) Fail.

Plan H – try asking for their ball back. Fail. Plan I – plead with the cops to let their guard dog play with the ball. Fail. I might report the cops to the SSPCA for animal cruelty, because the doggie so desperately wanted to play with the ball. It was straining at the leash, eyes bulging at the prospect of playing with the “BALL. BALL. BALL. BALL. BALL……” but the cops just left it lying there teasing the dog! Plan J – pole vault over the gate with a long bamboo stick to get the ball back. What could possibly go wrong with this plan? Fail. If the pole was a little longer I think it would have worked. Plan K – turn bamboo pole into a fishing rod, with a pair of pink sunglasses for the hook, to get the ball back. Fail. Plan L – try to sneak in the pedestrian gate again, using clear umbrellas as an invisibility shield. Fail. I was so sure that plan was going to succeed. Plan M – ring the door bell. Fail.

So many genius plans to infiltrate the base and every single one failed. The clown army were about to admit defeat when all of a sudden, a message was relayed over the base’s loudspeaker, “Access through the south gate has been cancelled due to protest.” Result! The rebel clown army are victorious! There’s cheering and dancing in the street. (It isn’t a revolution with out dancing!)

After some celebrations of this momentous victory, the clowns rally and plan to head to the north gate of the base, to continue the battle. They leave a small contingent behind to hold the south gate and head off. RI and I had to stay behind as we aren’t clown recruits, so we can’t report what shenanigans the clowns got up to at he north gate. But word soon got back that the north gate too, had been shutdown! Another result! A bunch of misfit clowns manage to shutdown access to a navy base manned by trained professional military types. Oh and the cops. Maybe we need to rethink the whole nuke thing as a deterrent and employ the clown army to defend our shores from dangerous terrorists that the government say lurk round every corner trying to take over the country and destroy our way of life. Which we know is bullshit, as it’s our way of life that is destructive.

Words by  Dangermouse

With massive love and respect to the gals and guys at the camp – thanks for the warm welcome and please expect the same up north should you visit.

Their facedick page is here: click for info

email –

BBC links (which are actually quite nice)


Clowns move like a school of fish
Stand together in a clump as tight as possible while still having room to move. The person who finds themselves at the front in the direction of the clump initiates a motion/gesture/sound. The clump gradually keeps changing direction, with new people constantly finding themselves at the front on the gaggle.
Pointers: Stay close, keep movements simple, use levels (high to low), the key is completely synchronized movement.
The gaggle of clowns moves forward and backward as if it is a sock being pulled inside out.
Moving forward:
Form a clump. Clowns at the back of the clump move to the front of the clump (you can do between or around. Imagine somebody is taking a picture of the clowns and you want to be at the front!) When you find yourself at the back again, move to the front. When you reach a destination, reverse. Clowns at the front move to the back. Peel off.
Advanced version: Sock with an emotion. For example: sock forward with love, sock backward with disgust. Sock forward with hunger, sock backward with nausea. Sock forward with curiosity, sock backward with contempt.

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“Doing It Oneself!”

When one cannot afford someone to do it for one then one must learn to do it oneself!

Aberdeen City Arts Board & Aberdeen Against austerity present:


Come along for a fun interactive day of D.I.Y Skillsharing!

Learn how to produce your own Zines, music & radio shows.

Workshops on Crochet, patch making, clothes alterations and much , much more.

Vegan food and movies to follow.

Cheap bar & tea and coffee.

Family Friendly.

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Hope Not Hate: Equality and Diversity Night

To protest the Aberdeen branch of the National Front’s plans to hold a static demonstration in the city (Aberdeen City Council had denied their application to hold a march), coincidentally marking Hitler’s birthday, and as part of a wider call to action, Aberdeen Trades Council in conjunction with Aberdeen Against Austerity and ably assisted by assorted Aberdeen Anarchists, hosted an anti-fascist event at the Trades Council Social Club on the evening of April 20th.

Called Hope Not Hate: Equality and Diversity Night, the event would be a celebration of multiculturalism and anti-fascist resistance.


Our Compere....

The evening’s live entertainment began with an acoustic set by Mark Ayling from Turriff. His Billy Bragg like sounds got things off to a good start.


Mark Ayling

After a short break, folks were treated to a fine set by local poet Rapunzel Wizard. Never one to pull his punches, with a delivery not unlike Attila the Stockbroker, he set about attacking an assortment of characters from both the field of politics and popular culture.


Rapunzel Wizard (Slug Fancier & Fan of Lynn Watson)

Next up were local musicians los Rebeldes Acusticos, playing a mix of traditional political song including a selection by Chicho Sanchez Ferlosio dedicated to Spanish anarchist fighters in the Spanish Civil War. However the highlight of their set, and of the evening, was a reinterpretation of The Internationale.


los Rebeldes Acusticos

They were followed by some poetry readings from the Spanish Civil War by local Unite official Tommy Campbell.

Finally, and concluding the live part of the evening, everyone was entertained by a mix of acoustic tunes and poetry from Maze McPunklet.

*We must apologise to Maze McPunklet & Tommy Campbell for the lack of photo’s of your work – The photographer was drunk by this point!*

People continued to celebrate the evening, treated to a selection of tunes from around the world courtesy of DJ Playlist.

All in all, the night was a huge success, with not a fascist in sight. Congratulations to everyone involved in making it a night to remember.

We would like to extend our solidarity, love to the Aberdeen branches of CND, SWP & Scottish Palestinian Solidarity Campaign for coming along and for to the ATUC for the venue and support and to those fine folk who traveled up from Dundee.

Plus a big thank you to all the artists who made an ace night amazing and to those who were out and about all day keeping eyes peeled for Fascists.

Words by D.I


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Skill Share School

Come and join AA, ATUC & AAA in a free day of skill sharing, food and movies at the Aberdeen Trades Council Club,Adelphi Lane,Aberdeen.

April 21st 2012

11:00am doors open.


We hope to see you there!

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Squatters Convergence – Brighton – Thurs 17th – Sun 20th May

The seaside seems to be a recurring theme of late with AA. Some of fine fellows were down in sunny Brighton last week, catching up with friends and seeing the sites.

Brighton is a lovely place with a very good local activist scene, lots of squats, a great social centre and such fine things as a Fresh Veg co-op and squatters networks and bastard cops.

One place worth a visit for fine drinks, Vegan food, a fantastic Library, friendly staff and  so, so…so…. much more is the Cowley Club – There is a FULL listing of events on their site.

And for anyone who is free and who seeks a seaside weekend away to then this is the event for them.


See you there…..


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Antifa Poetry and Music Event.



Join Aberdeen Anarchists, ATUC, Black Sheep Collective, A.A.A, SPSC, CND and others for an equality, diversity celebration evening.




Aberdeen Trades Council Social Club

13 Adelphi Aberdeen



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“We Will Live in Dignity”

“We Will Live in Dignity”

Demonstration in solidarity with 1600
Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike – 5pm, Tuesday 17th, St Nicholas

On Palestinian prisoners day, Tuesday 17th of April, the Palestinian
prisoners movement will launch the Karamah (Dignity) hunger strike. They
will place the true oppressive nature of the Israeli state under the
spotlight once again. In a courageous move, highlighting thesteadfastness
of Palestinian resistance to occupation, 1600 prisoners will embark on an
indefinite hunger strike demanding their basic rights as political

Protests will take place across Scotland to show solidarity with those
risking their lives to claim basic human rights for Palestinians. Join us
at 5pm this Tuesday at St Nicholas Square, Aberdeen.

More info on the hunger strikes

SPSC Aberdeen Facebook Group

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Beyond Hierarchies: A Free University Day school Report

Assorted Aberdeen Anarchists and members of Aberdeen Against Austerity set off from Aberdeen in the early hours of Sunday morning, looking forward to what promised to be an interesting and productive day mixed with discussion and ideas.

Beyond Hierarchies: A Free University   Day school was an event whose purpose was to examine power relations   and the institution of hierarchy in today’s society and looking at   what models of non- hierarchical organisation could replace them   following a format of talks and workshops.

The day, called by Dundee Uncut and held at The Old Mill, kicked off   with talks from two speakers separated by a workshop session with   attendees breaking in to small groups of four to list individual examples of power and control, focusing on four main areas – industry, society, politics, and environment.

The groups split again with each group tackling one of the four main areas.

After a break for lunch, we were treated to a talk by Professor Tony Cox, author of Empire, Industry, and Class: The Imperial Nexus of Jute 1840-1940, on protest, looking in particular at local labour history and forms of organising and protest.

For more on Tony Cox – Click here:

Tony’s talk was then followed by Harry Giles’ interactive theatre presentation

“This is Not a Riot” which explores ideas and perceptions around the use of violence.

For more information visit

The final talk of the day looked at the cooperative movement and how   this business model has been put in to practice by both big and small   organisations.

The workshop groups then reconvened for a final session, this time looking at possible alternatives to the institutions of government and   control.

All in all a splendid day.

Those involved in putting it all together deserve a big thank you.

Report by DI


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