The G8. [Remembering Genoa]

It’s the UK’s turn for the next G8 and luckily for us black is next years fashionable colour, excited yet?

Unfortuately for us here in the UK this also once more means we will be “treated” to the very ugly sight of The (dirtymidget) BONO and The “Sir” Bob (I’m still punk as fuck, honest) Gandolf as they wheel out assorted corporate geriatric ‘neverhasbeens’ of the rock/pop star industry to help set the world to rights with another rock/pop concert… or as we call it here at AA towers another MASSIVE FUCKING DISTRACTION from the real issues. And let us not forget the importance of improved album sales and exposure for the sad rock dicks.

Luckily most of them bank offshore so at least they aren’t paying any tax so they won’t be contributing to the UK’s continued Executive Terror Wars [tm.] waged across the globe at the bequest of our “ Big Daddy Pimp” AmeriKKKA.  Of course, this also means they don’t contribute to schools, hospitals or elderly care either which makes them not only EVERYTHING THAT IS WRONG WITH THE WORLD TODAY but also a bunch of flying shit monkey c**k sucking bastard children of the Thatcher Demon  in our eyes, but I digress….   

BONO - Tax Cheat and all round twat.

This is the week the sentences were handed out from G8 summit in Genoa 2001 ( Hey! nobody said the Italian justice system was quick…or fair…. or just.)

The Diaz school after...

The sentences were not of course handed out to the politicians that ordered the brutal beatings in the Diaz school, or the cops who did the beating, not even to the cop who shot Carlo’s Giuliani,

Nope…it was the activists who are being charged with “devastation and looting” who are on trial.


Francesco Puglisi and Vincenzo Vecchi, two of the “Genoa 10” received the most severe sentences 15 and 13 years respectively for smashing up some capitalist shit… both are now believed to be the run.

 The Italian justice system has always been known as one of the worst in Europe (although we are all fucking doomed when it’s us vs. property – Ed.)  And the Italian cops also have a long history with the far right and for brutality and corruption. As Italy prepares for a summer of anger and the possible return of the godfather “Bunga Bunga Berlusconi” our thoughts are with our friends out there and the families of the 10 activists and with the family of Carlo…

Never ask the time or for directions from an Italian cop!

 As we prepare for the next G8 we should always be aware that the state and its corporate sponsors will not let anything stand in the way of profit and they will subvert justice to suit their evil plans. Which is why it’s even more imperative that we turn out in mass to protest against the evil empire and all that it stands for and to remember and honor those that have lost their lives fighting for a just and free world.

Genoa 2001

 I think the last words should go to Carlo’s sister – this is the full statement released by Elena Giuliani, in support of the 10×100 campaign being ran in social centers across Italy.

 “Despite everything, brother, I really hoped I would hear you smile tonight…on the contrary…it wasn’t enough that they judged your murder a lawful murder. After 11 years, they still wanted some more lives. And not the lives of those who murdered, tortured, battered, or the lives of those who ordered the beatings and covered them up.

Once again, they’ve taken the lives of our comrades, of our brothers and sisters. They called a few broken windows “devastation and looting”; some of those windows – maybe – broken by the Genoa defendants.

They called the coma, the broken bones and teeth, the blood, the tortures and the threats “false evidence” – all of those caused by the same police forces they didn’t even want to identify.

They judged it was all legitimate: the hole the bullet made in your head, the devastation the defender made on your body, the wound a rock made on your forehead, while you were lying on the ground among dozens of boots, when your heart still screamed. They judged it was legitimate to loot your life and today the looting of more lives”.


For more info:


Words by the Dirty Hoof

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