A gift to you, our lovely readers!

With autumn just around the corner and the summer’s fun almost over everyone here at A.F.A towers is gearing up for the next big event and  with this in mind, dear reader, we are offering you a unique and fashionable chance to be the absolute envy of your friends and family….

So, don’t forget to keep saving those tokens and send them to us for your ABSOLUTELY FREE pop out and keep, once in a lifetime offer of a unique and very valuable, ABSOLUTELY FREE….   

“SDL Zombie Halloween Costume!”

Brains…..i need brains….

That’s right collect all 84 tokens and then simply send £499.99 to cover postage along with the size of your choice and just in time for Halloween or Crimbo latest you will receive our special once in a lifetime, one size fits all, ABSOLUTELY FREE, SDL Zombie Costume!

Amaze and scare your neighbours this October 31st as you stumble down your street, grunting and moaning in very basic human and affecting  a barely upright shuffle, swigging from your very own spooky tin  of ‘Ghostie O’ Lager’!

Worry you’re friends and family with both fright and shame as you feel the urge to congregate in very small numbers in day-glow circles of police persons as passersby mock you without you quite understanding why!

The police use the racist Zombie’s unexplained attraction to Neon green to good effect.

This fantastic SDL Halloween Zombie Costume comes complete well worn and stinking with its own tracksuit bottoms and baseball cap, one empty tin of ‘Ghostie O’ Lager’ and extra special 500g bag of plain flour for full on “Spooky no.1 ZOMBIE effect!” [tm]


The threat is real!

 Miss-spelt racist flag option available on request!

 Stay tuned for our next edition which features our fabulous “How to spot em Guide!” A very handy tool to help our dear readers identify any racists that congregate in their city or town… Next month it’s on the elusive and beautiful EDL Angel, fantastic stuff I’m sure you’ll agree.



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