the cotswold vale 06/01/13

After our successful visit to the Ledbury Hunt yesterday, we rocked up at the Cotswold Vale today – our 6th sab in a fortnight.

We did next to no sabbing, as huntsman Jason Mahon basically sabbed his own hunt! After a bit of running in pursuit of them, we spent the rest of the day watching him attempt to gather his hounds. Again, and again, and again. They seemed to be just about everywhere in the area, apart from where he wanted them. We think that this hunt are a serious contender for the country’s worst hound control…

A landrover full of ‘hunt stewards’ was also drafted in by the CV in anticipation of our presence. They did nothing all day, and looked even more bored than we were. Nice one!

Meanwhile, a few of our sabs joined up with Bath, Southampton and Pewsey Vale. A full report can be seen on the Bath Hunt Sabs page.

Until next time…

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