two foxes saved at meet of curre and llangibby



We haven’t paid a visit to the Curre & Llangibby hunt for quite some time so thought it was only fair that they get some sab attention. We headed over the bridge with our friends from Bath Hunt Saboteurs & South Wales Hunt Saboteurs to find the hunt leaving their meet which was in the village of Itton.

Soon enough hounds were in cry, and as we got closer to the hunt, a group of lads including the hunts terriermen decided to join us, putting cameras in our faces and threatening us. Unphased, we stuck with the hunt and it wasn’t long before we saw a fox breaking from the wood the hunt were working through. Riders were going loopy trying to alert the huntsman that they’d seen a fox but he had multiple sab cameras pointing at him and did the right thing and along with the terriermen called the hounds off and the fox got away.

The hunt tried to create a bit of distance between us and them and were soon up to their old tricks when they thought no one was watching. Unfortunately for them, we had close eyes on the illegal hunting happening. We stepped in, taking the hounds away from the huntsman and covering the scent of a fat (sorry, festively plump) fox who was eager to leave the area. Run free, friend!

The hunt stayed out ’til dark, down to the fact that the hounds were scattered all over the place and the huntsman was having a bit of trouble getting them back. He only had to ask us for help…

The hunt finally headed home so we did too. We’ll be seeing the Curre again soon!

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