Count Me Out campaign update

So, census day has passed. The last few weeks have been pretty intense. We’ve been really pleased with the amount of support and interest that people have shown for the campaign. Nothing could be more encouraging.

The March 18-19th days of action were immensely entertaining, creative, and most importantly indicated the popular anger about Lockheed’s involvement in running our census.

Count Me Out was on the streets of London for the March 26th rally and even amongst the deluge of hundreds of other groups and campaigners leafleting, we still got some really positive responses.

We haven’t posted here for a while so thought it’d be a good idea to update everyone on the campaign. Census day may be over but we aren’t…

Not completed your census yet?

If you still haven’t sent back your census form, then take a look at our ‘taking action’ pages on the website. There are plenty of creative things you can do to make sure Lockheed doesn’t profit from processing your census form -hit them where it hurts!

By inking in the white space on your form’s barcodes you make it unattributable to your address. Marmalade accidentally spread across some of the pages, or filling in your answers upside-down also mean they’ll have to process it manually, at a much higher cost to them.

If you have any questions or want any advice, then you can also email us at

What action are you taking?

If you’ve got a particularly great idea you want to share, or maybe a photo of your completed census form in all its dilapidated glory then let us know and we’ll put it up on the site. If you are boycotting then get in touch as well.

Count Me Out in the upcoming months

The campaign’s emphasis will naturally be shifting in the next few months. We’ve managed to raise a lot of awareness, but that part of the campaign is coming to its conclusion now. A number of individuals will be boycotting the census on conscientious grounds, and may face prosecution. We will be keeping tabs on any developments relating to the census and hope to offer solidarity and defendant support to any who want it.

In the meantime, there are always anti-arms trade activities going on around the country. Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT) have a number of upcoming meetings, workshops and actions that we would recommend for anyone with an interest in helping to combat this most insidious and destructive of industries.

Stay tuned.

Count Me Out.

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3 Responses to Count Me Out campaign update

  1. a non mouse says:

    the simple response to the census was to write a letter from the address the form was received to state that you had duly completed the census form and it was no longer your responsibilty as you posted it in a royal mail postal box and there ended your resposibility, Royal MAil lose over |ONe million letter/parcels every year..perhaps my census was one of them?

  2. Dantheman says:

    Just had the nice Census lady round and I told her I’d binned it. She asked if I wanted another and I said no. She was really nice and tried to talk me into filling one in. I said I wouldn’t for political reasons, she looked genuinely worried for me bless her. I asked her how many others hadn’t filled it in and she replied none! She told me she has to report me as “non compliant” to her supervisor when she gets home.

    I’ll keep you posted!

  3. Englandland says:

    We provided partial information, scored out certain sections and did not sign the declaration. We included the text below, and provided a contact telephone number to facilitate legal action. As a venerable peace campaigner in our area commented, “It would be worth £1,000 to have a day in court explaining one’s opposition to Lockheed Martin.” We agreed.

    To Whom It May Concern

    We would be very happy to provide Census information in full, if it were being administered by a legitimate public body.

    We very much regret, however, that while Lockheed Martin is involved in the Census, we are unable to comply in full.

    Mindful of the value of Census information for public planning, we have provided partial information. However, it is our firm conviction that a manufacturer of nuclear weapons has no role taking on public functions. And we must thereby register our dissent.



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