Domain Mapping on N23

If you have bought a domain name and want to point it to your blog on then there are three ways of doing this. .

Domain Mapping: This involves pointing the domain address to our server and then your blog will have your name in. Read the instructions on this page to do this..

Non-Framed (normal) Forwarding: This will allow you or anyone else to enter your domain name into a web browser and the browser will automatically forward and switch to your existing website (i.e.

Framed Forwarding: When you enters your bought domain name in a web browser, it will display your domain name in the browser’s URL or Address bar and load in your existing website (i.e. within a hidden frame. Your domain will remain visible as the web address even if a link on your website takes you to a different web address or website. See example

Domain mapping and certificates

Because Network23 promotes the use of https for security reason, if you map your domain to network23 Then when you try to log in you will get a warning saying this connection is untrusted. As this is now your own site you can Add Exception.

Setting up Domain Mapping

There are THREE things you need to do:

  1. Point the DNS record at the server with the service where you bought the URL
  2. Enable domain mappings and set the primary domain to be the new one
  3. Email us on dev23 @ lists dot and tell us what you doing

Here is some info about this process please give us feedback if this could be clearer.

Point the DNS record at the server with the service where you bought the URL

What this means practically is different depending on where you registered your account. Below is instructions for when trying to point the domain name for to a blog.

  • Log in to your account
  • Select the domain you want to point to network 23
  • Click on Manage DNS (A, MX, CNAME, TXT)
  • Change WEBSITE SETTINGS (A RECORDS) to point to Advanced DNS
  • Change the Advanced DNS settings to point www and ‘@’ to CNAME – see below

The www setting is shown below.

if I want as well as to point to your blog then you can do this by setting a value for @ – in these settings

Try setting the following CNAME value for @

You may get the following warning

If you are not using email for this domain then this is not a problem.

But if you ARE using email for the domain then instead of using CNAME then you should set an A value to the following IP address.

This will then keep your mail settings (MX) unchanged.

Other Registrars

We’ll go adding instructions about other registrars here.  If you wish to help and know how to do it on yours, please write up the instructions and send them to us, thanks.


A popular registrar with a nice control panel, no adverts and good prices.

The way to do it is to set up an A record at Gandi that ‘points’ to our IP address – – Gandi have a good set of instructions at:

The normal think to do is to set up A records for both @ and www this will allow you to use either of or to get to your web site.

(Having done the above it may take an hour or two for the swap over to happen, so there may be a delay in the web site actually working when you’ve done the next bit)

Then as follow the instructions as below under “Enable Domain Mapping settings”.

Enable Domain Mapping settings in WordPress

Now back on your Network23 Blog, to set your own domain mappings, this is done by adding the domain in Tools > Domain Mapping in the dashboard of the site you with to map the domain to.

Enter the domain you want to point to the site. Put a tick in the box Primary domain for this blog. Then Click on Add.

If you want your site to work when www is before it then enter that into the Add new domain box as well.

Email us on dev23 @ lists dot and tell us what you doing

We are still trialling this service so let us know what you are doing so we can work with you to get it right.