Free anonymous WordPress blogs for activists and agitators



This is network23, a blogging platform committed to freedom of expression, decentralisation of online content, and an open web. Network23 is also the name of the international collective of volunteers that provides this for you.

Because the consequences of speaking freely as an activist or cultural agitator can be serious, you need to be in control of how much information is available about you, the publisher.

Carnival MaskWe can’t give you a complete training in online security and privacy, but as a network23 blogger we’ll do what we can to keep your identity a secret and encourage you to learn all you can about how to stay anonymous.

You may think that the stakes aren’t so high in your case, but we still provide you with the means to be in control of your online identity.

Decentralisation of content means putting your material in different places, not relying on a few big tech corporations. They use your information for all kinds of corrupt and exploitative purposes, and the more people rely on them, the more they can get away with it. An open networkTechnically adept people can run their own websites for this reason, but not everyone has the time or skills to do that. We think that smaller blogging platforms with a community ethos, like network23, help to fill that gap.

If this all sounds good to you, head over to our sign-up page to get started.