Features and limitations

You can do these things with your network23 blog:

  • Publish text & images up to a limit of 250MB total
  • Change the look of your site, using themes and plugins
  • Publish short audio clips
  • Embed video and longer audio bits from other sites
  • Encrypt all connections using SSL and HTTPS
  • Add users, editors and authors to work on your blog
  • Open comments and have discussions among users – but remember that you’re responsible for moderating these so that they fit with our Terms & Conditions
  • Block spam using our recommended plugin
  • Publish contact form using out recommended plugin
  • Change the world

Here are some of the things you can’t do:

  • No uploading video directly to the site: it’s just too big. You can embed or link to video uploaded elsewhere to your network23 site, so it’ll end up looking the same anyway
  • We can handle audio, but ask that you don’t upload files of more than 10 megabytes (MB) directly to your site: we recommend archive.org for doing this
  • Embed any of your own code – ask us if you think you need a new feature and we’ll try to help
  • Install plugins and themes yourself. We’ve found over the years that many blogs become unusable because they relied on themes or plugins that stopped working, so please try to stick with the options we offer unless you have a really good reason, in which case let us know
  • Don’t do anything to gather information about users without their explicit permission